Step daughter fantasy

My sexy 39year old step daughter's body gets better and better fit tight small tits wonderful ass so like her mom I'm imagining fucking her when fucking her mom it's such a turn on her mom benefits from the extra hard cock inside her as I pound her daughter.
I really need to get her daughter into our bed I'm sure she would want her step dad's cock inside that tight pussy xx

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  • Love my step daughters body are 39 firm tits great tight ass drives me crazy just thinking about her makes me rock hard.
    Want to spread her legs and make her moan as I plough her pussy dunking deep inside her.

  • Especially since her biological father never had sexual relations with her, she most likely has the fever of mating with her stepfather ; indeed due to him being that figure & symbol in & to her life. Although the poster never reports any specific indications directly from her regarding such, a daughter's nature for her father depositing his semen at her core is always inclusive. Even at her rather advanced age, she knows there may be an item amiss, lacking or incomplete regarding her fulfillment thus ; the poster's superior intelligence as written.

  • When my step daughter was 24 I had to pick her up from a party, she was wasted, got into a fight with her bf, and her best friend was pretty drunk too, my wife asked me to get her, it took a bit of work locating her, but I found them, got them into the car, during the drive home, my step daughter (lisa) skirt kept going up exposing her panties, her friend was passed out, I took advantage of the situation and was feeling her legs and worked my way up to her pussy, she told me to keep going, I finger blasted her. And she passed out again. I unlocked her phone with her finger, got some nice pics (nudes). I took her friend Michelle inside first, then came back out for lisa, only the hallway light was on at this time, as soon as I dropped lisa on her bed, she said Chris fuck me, I couldn't walk away, so I did, it was super quick as she swallowed my load, then as I was leaving Michelle says it's my turn, I'm always second. Chris is one lucky man, she was out as soon as I got one one pump into her, so I just left

  • Can't wait to enjoy my step daughter too x

  • .. Again, regardless of her age.

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