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I recently underwent spinal surgery and was tended to by a male nurse. He was a young guy but not a rookie. He had me change into the gown with nothing on underneath and had me lay back in the bed. He pulled out a pair of compression stockings for me to wear during surgery and I was expecting him to hand them to my wife to put on me. He proceeded to slip them onto my feet and pull them up my legs. These are very tight and it takes quite an effort to pull them up. He was lifting my legs and I new he could see and was looking at my cock and balls. When he got to the top of my thighs, he slowed down and was making sure his hands were rubbing up against my cock and balls as he pulled them all the way up. I lifted my butt and he even slipped his hand under my ass to make sure they were all the way up in the back too. He smoothed the top of the stockings and kept rubbing his hand across my cock as he did it. I have to say that I was getting excited at the attention there! He never stopped talking to my wife and me and acted like it was the most natural thing for him to do but I know he gave my cock and balls a lot more attention than might be considered normal. After the surgery, a nursing student was following a nurse making rounds and asked if she could remove the catheter. I was still somewhat drugged and not in a real horny mood but it was still a turn on to know this young girl was handling and cleaning my cock.

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    no one gives a shit about dora and that is why she is feeling sorry for herself feeling guilty knowing she has hurt heaps of women to see her daughter marry a hundred times. give it a break slut!

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