Girlfriend might leave me soon

I been with my girlfriend for 7 years and we are both 28 years old now. Great times together and love this women. She has gorgous blue eyes, great smile, fit body, nice set of c tits, nice round butt, very nice person. Nice brunette hair.

But recently since April things started dying down in our relationship not to mention a pandemic going on so we couldnt really go out any where. But we both have been able to keep working through the pandemic.
But there has been alot of days where she wont come home from work till 7 at night when she usually gets out at 5. She always mentions since April when she got a new co worker at her job which his name is Omar she stays to help him out she says.
My girl and this Omar became friends on each others facebook, clicked on his profile and seen he is Jamaican.
Recently i did some snooping of her messages since she leaves the computer always logged in. Clicked on some her messages with her close friend. And found conversation talking about this Omar guy.
Where just after a week of him working there they met up after work at a park to chat.
My girl and her conversation was this.
My girl: went to the park after work with my new co worker Omar. The black man i was telling you about.
Her friend: really, how did you play that one with your boyfriend.
My girl: told him i was working late.
Her friend: Nice. How was it?
My girl: It went well, we just hung out and chatted. We were only there for an hour.
Her friend: thats cool. What do you think about him?
My girl: He is very nice. I would need to get to know him more.
Her friends: thats a good start. I know you said you wanted to try something new. Would you date a black man?
My girl: To tell you the truth i defiantly would mind dating a black man. I always had a curiosity about black men.
Her friend: Black men are defiantly amazing to date and get fucked by. Trust me from experience.
My girl: yeah i know you had several black bfs.

That was one conversation. As i read on i seen multiple times she just hung around works parking lot chatting with him for short bit.
Get into month of June to another conversation
Where one day she said she had to work late and didnt come home till 8 at night. Found out she went to this guy Omars house and read about a surprise.

My girl: I went to Omars house after work.
Her friend: what did you go there for?
My girl: hung out listening to music and chatted.
Her friend: ha Im sure you did
My girl: seriously
Her friend: come on
My girl: well we did other stuff
Her friend: like?
My girl: i dont want to say
Her friend: yo tell me i wont say anything
My girl: please dont say anything
Her friend: promise
My girl: i gave Omar a blow job.
Her friend: wow thats awesome. Big dick?
My girl: he was quite big
Her friend: im proud of you. Where did the load go.
My girl: i swallowed it. He shoots alot.
Her friend: so whats your plans with your boyfriend?
My girl: im not sure where we stand.
Her friend: do you plan on dating Omar?
My girl: Maybe.

Now the latest from just two weeks ago girlfriend stated she worked till 6 and went to her friends house but conversation with her friend i discovered says other wise

Her friend: how was your day?
My girl: work went well, after work went to Omars place.
Her friend: good to hear. Been few weeks since you were last at his place.
My girl: yeah i defiantly had a good time at his place tonight.
Her friend: what did you guys do?
My girl: well um
My girl: we had sex
Her friend: no way
My girl: yes we did
Her friend: OMG
My girl: yeah
Her friend: how was it?
My girl: Amazing, been long time for me. Best sex ever.
Her friend: was i right about black dick being the best.
My girl: totally. I want to fuck him again.
Her friend: tell me detail like postions or a finish?
My girl: I had multiple amazing orgasms may i add. We did me on top, him on top, reverse cowgirl, my ankles to his ears till he came
Her friend: hot
Her friend: where did he cum?
My girl: i let him cum inside me
Her friend: oh damn
My girl: but we started back up again with me blowing him and us doing doggy style till he came inside me again. Both times he shot big loads inside me.
Her friend: OMG thats hot. Glad you got to experience your first black man.
Her friend: your on birth control right?
My girl: Nope

So after reading whats going on for past few weeks. I think im going to confront her and split up. This is just insane.


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  • I am sorry my friend, best start looking for a new girl friend.

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