STD from a chicken?

Does anyone know if a guy can catch an STD from fucking a chicken? 3 days ago, I was feeling really randy, and my little sister was on the rag, so I ventured down to the hen house and made love to one of my favorite hens. I didn't use a rubber because I know that a chicken can't get pregnated by a human, so after pumping her full of cum, I took a piss to clean out my pee hole and then washed my pecker real good with some of grandmas lye soap. This morning, I woke up with a terrible pain in my dick, and when I looked at it in the light, it was all swelled up and bluish purple colored. It also burns like a mother fucker inside when I take a piss, and now I notice a greenish yellow puss looking stuff dripping out of my pee hole. I can't find anything about it on the Google, and I'm to embarrassed to ask anyone I know. My sister will probably freak out and stop having sex with me if she finds out. My mom and dad would literally kill me if the found out I been fucking our livestock again. I'm thinking about injecting some antibiotics we use on our cattle into myself, but don't know if it will help or kill me.

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  • Lol 😂

  • Years ago a friend of mine from school grew up on a farm and they had mostly cattle. When I was over there after school one time he told me that the calves would suck on his cock and it felt incredible. I never saw him do it and did not want to know about it.

  • So this is what is available on that Farmers dating site?

  • Disgusting prick

  • Don’t bother seeing a doctor your dick will fall off in a couple weeks.


  • Uh, coming here for medical advice is probably not the best idea. Go to a doctor.

  • Or maybe a veterinarian?

  • Imagine if the poor chicken got STDs from you!

  • Hearing you talking about "if they find out I have been fucking livestock again" made me wonder how many livestock you have fucked and it reminded me of this confession I saw from someone:

    What if you have been knocking up livestock all over the place and didn't realize it?

  • Yeah, I did some research on the internet and humans can't cross breed with other animals, otherwise I would use rubbers. I have only fucked a few sheep and a couple of chickens. Tried a goat, but she was not receptive, kind of mean actually. Got caught by dad fucking a sheep bout a year ago. Daddy beat me since less, said he'd kill me if ever I did that again, that's why I started fucking my sister. Anyway, I gave myself a half dose of cattle antibiotic this morning and got sicker than shit. Mom let me stay home from school. Cock hurts so bad I can hardly pee. Might have to tell mom whats going on if it don't get better soon.

  • Yes! Mutant animals everywhere demand to know!

  • Is it swollen b/c she fucked too hard? I have had mine be swollen afterwards if I was fucking really hard in someone really really tight.

  • Can you imagine if the chicken IS pregnant?!?

  • I wouldn't tell your sister yet if you are afraid she will stop having sex with you. You'll have to just get it in before she notices. What other livestock have you fucked before?

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