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My job I work on Saturday nights one Saturday night I popped home at 11pm to use the toilet , My best friend was sitting in the lounge talking to my wife I said what are you doing here , He said he popped around to see me i said you know I work Saturday nights he said I forgot , So I said do you want a lift home im going passed your house , And he said no I'll have another coffee then get off home ,Anyway when I finally finished work I was dropped off on the corner of my street it was 3.30am , I noticed my mate was just walking out of the street I could see the light on in my house i could see my wife moving around in the lounge , So I knocked the door my wife looked surprised to see me ,not has surprised has I was she was wearing a little baby doll nighty no bra and tiny little knickers , I said I've just seen my mate leave what's going on , I know you haven't left the lounge I could see you , Her clothes was in the lounge so she could have changed that his what she said she had done ,But I'm not sure she insists nothing happened they just got talking , what do you think

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  • I was hooking up with the guy next door. He worked nights and my husband worked days. He’d come over and fuck as soon as my husband left for work.

  • I hooked up with a married friend a few years ago.She worked in the city I was in for 3 months,so we grabbed coffee at lunch time or evening drinks.One evening after drinks she didn't want to catch the train home so I offered to put her up for the night at my rented place.After 2 hours she gave up the pussy and I popped a viagra and smashed that girl all night.She was loud and squirted like hell.Had to change the sheets because of the huge wet patch.Fucked her several times more over the next 2 months and don't think she regretted it,neither did I.

  • She fucked him.

  • Dude, they were definitely fucking. The bigger issue is whether you are okay with it. Is he a good enough buddy for you to allow it? I think he should at least be upfront about it with you, if he is a good friend. I mean, dropping some sperm on your wife's egg is kinda personal, y'know? Your wife should be honest with you too. If it is just friendly fucking, it might not be that big of a deal, but if there is some emotional attachment going on, you should be concerned. It is putting distance between you and your wife.

  • If I was you, I would set up some hidden cameras to prove beyond any doubt that they are fucking. Once I had indisputable proof, then I would kill both of them. Of course, I would either set it up to look like an accident, or make sure that there was no evidence to connect me to the murders. I killed my last ex-wife and her lover by tying them both up, at gun point, and then injecting them with a lethal overdose of heroin. Then I untied them and made it look like they both just OD'd by accident. The local cops never even suspected foul play.

  • I’m sorry I just have so many questions. Was she already a heroin addict? How did you know what a lethal dose was? What shit hole do you live in that cops didn’t notice or care?

  • Yeah, I just found out that there's no statute of linitations on murder, so I must state that I was only joking about killing my old lady and her asshole lover. It WAS an accidental overdose, and I was no where near the scene of the accidental overdose when it happened. Such a sad tragedy it was, I feel really bad about their untimely accidental deaths, may they rest in peaces.

  • Why bother killing her if she was already your ex wife?

  • She wasn't my ex until death did us part.

  • They definitely fucked,seems obvious,why else would he visit her and for that long?I speak from experience of course.Most men will play the long game too.My husbands friend gave me a lift home after a few drinks in the bar.I was tipsy and he helped me in,he also knew my husband was out of town.I dunno I guess I was horny cuz half an hour later I was kissing him and then soon after I sucked him off.Then he proceeded to strip me and fuck me in every position possible.I was pretty much sober by the time I had my second orgasm so just went with it.While fucking me doggy style over the couch I came for a third time and then he finished inside me.I always thought he was a nice guy but he pretty much just used me and then put his clothes back on and left.I showered then cried myself to sleep.

  • They fucked. I know. I’ve been her. We used to fuck while we listened to my husband snore so we knew he wouldn’t catch us.

  • I guess from a women you can see the signs clearer , I'm hoping they did not but it feels really bad my wife and best mate where can we go from here .

  • Embrace it. My husband did, and we have beautiful kids from it.

  • Your children are not your husbands

  • Cheating. Tell her he confessed to you and she will spill the beans, or vice versa.

  • That his a good idea my mate always changes the subject and my wife says don't make something out off nothing , Im going to try what you said and try and trick them thankyou .

  • You could try a lot better Buster, popped home to use the toilet, do you want a lift home, dropped off on the corner what a heap of contradictions, your score 1 out of 10 and lucky to get it.

  • What job do you think I was doing ? Then this will make sense unlike some stories this his true

  • I think you were dreaming and wanted to post a story so you could pull yourself off EH ?

  • Unfortunately this story his true I wish it was not but it his , I don't trust either of them now , And if you see my wife you would pull yourself off

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