I only get used

We went to a party and my girlfriend got drunk and passed out on the couch I thought she would be okay if I left her there for a hour while I talked to people and ran to the store the party seemed chill when I came back she wasnt on the couch and I found her in the back of the house on the gravel, they ran a train on my girlfriend I found her layed back with her legs spread open she was wearing nothing but heels and her skirt that was pushed up to her waist, she was passed out in that position there was cum between her legs and over her vagina i tried to wake her up but she just hummed at me and closed her legs and moved on her side she never woke up so I just took her home with me I couldn't get the idea of her naked out of my mind or the way she was postioned when I found her, i gave her a sponge bath I wiped away the blood and cum off her, when she woke up she said she felt very sore and was in pain. I feel guilty I shouldn't have left her alone and feel even more guilty for telling her to wear a short skirt to the party. Should I tell her how I found her that night

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    • No, don't tell her. If you tell her she will feel compelled to do something about it. The first time this happened to me I felt miserable but aroused. I suspected I had been drugged as the drink's taste had been changed. I kept drinking it because I HOPED I was right. When I started to feel woozy, I felt thrilled, scared, and horny.

      I woke up in my own bed, fully clothed and feeling MISERABLE. I WAS DISAPPOINTED. I'm sorry but for me, I wanted to wake up naked in a strange or public place and VERY, VERY USED. When I hit the bathroom, I at least knew I had been well used. I felt really gipped that I didn't have to search for my clothes or have to do the walk of shame home.

    • When I was in high school we ran a train on a passed out girl. There was 6 of us. Not proud of it but we were 16 and horney.

    • She knows something happened. When she turns up pregnant, or with any number of STD's, you might want to remind her. And, yes, you're a dick for leaving her drunk, and unattended.

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