Wife shared with Best friend

It started in 1997, we just got married and we were 22 years old. My best man, Mike lived in a city a three hour drive away. He came into town one weekend to hang out with us. My wife and I were in our apartment and Mike stayed the weekend. On Friday night we went to a bar that had a live band and dance floor. I hate dancing so Mike danced with my wife. When we got back to our place my wife and I went to our room and started undressing and kissing, we were in the bed and I told her she should flash Mike. She laughed and I said I dare you. She got up naked and walked into the living room where he was laying on the sofa and she walked past him and into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. She laughed and we started kissing. I said you probably got him horny, go offer him a blow job. She gave me a sly smile and said really? I said yes, it’ll be fun just offer a blownjob. She walked out again naked and I stayed at the door and she asks him Hey Mike are you horny, do you want a blow job? He said yes. She said okay and walked over and he pulled down his pants as he sat on the sofa and she kneeled in front of him naked and sucked his dick. I went up behind her and started having sex with her.
That was the first time I shared her. It’s 21 years later and every single time Mike is in town or we are in his town, we have a threesome. We never talk about it, we just all know it’s goong to happen and we make it happen.
Last night Mike called and was driving through town. It’s been a couple of years. He asked if I wanted to eat with him. He was only stopping to eat and then drive home. I said sure. I told my wife I was going to eat with him and not to expect me home for dinner after work. She asked where and I told her the name of the restaurant. When I got there Mike was there and were sat and ate. My wife showed up about half way through our meal. She sat and we all talked and then as we were walking out to the parking lot my wife said “where are we going to do it?” Mike said “I’ve got to get going” I said our house is half an hour drive in the other direction, maybe we just don’t have the chance this time. My wife said “no, let’s go to your truck” Mike got into the back seat of my truck with my wife and they started kissing. I was in the front seat watching, we were still in the restaurant parking lot. My wife went down on him for a while and then she said “fuck me” he got on top of her in the backseat and started fucking her. I held her ankle from my position in the front seat and she kept saying “harder, faster, fuck me harder, I miss your dick, I love your dick, I miss the way you fuck me, I’m such a slur for you” Mike finally came in her, and fixed himself up and they kissed a little and we all said goodbye. I said okay honey get your clothes back on you’ve got to drive your car home. She said “not yet, get back here and fuck me” I said “honey, are you serious?” She said “yes, fuck my dirty pussy. It’s dirty, full of Mike’s cum” I was turned on from watching her and Mike so I went into the backseat and fucked her. I had forgot how great sloppy seconds pussy feels. She wanted it hard, I have hers hard pounding and came in her. She laid there for a while and we kissed. She said she misses threesomes and it makes her feel super sexy.
When we got home it was about 10 pm, we had sex one more time talking about our threesomes really got her off again.

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  • Very similar situation nothing planned as my friend was visiting us we had been married less than 6 months. Jerry was in our wedding and the only friend I’ve kept in touch with since high school. I had bought a time share and invited Jerry to come along with us to use it. It was a house boat his girlfriend had come along but was only able to stay a couple days because she couldn’t get out of work for the whole week. We had lots of beer and mixed drinks as well as some buds to smoke enjoying a great time. It was the afternoon she left and we had stopped the house boat on a secluded area of the lake. My wife’s very petite with sexy little tits and a bubble butt she stripped off her bikini jumping in the water to swim. Jerry looked at me and smiled saying I’m sure she’s fun in bed. I smiled back laughing telling him she’s amazing and has a very high sex drive. My wife swam around Jerry said he wanted to jump in but was to drunk. I laughed saying you just want a free feel he laughed saying he wouldn’t do that to me. I had a mind play in my head and thought it would be fun to tag team her and trusted him. I told him I wanted to double team her he looked at me surprised and changed the subject. I wasn’t sure if I freaked him out by my offer and left it alone she got out a few minutes later. Continue

  • Saturday night came and we drank a bit and I was pretty guarded. I figured it’s a one time thing, no big deal. When we got back to the apartment Mike and I were drinking beer on the patio and my wife came outside in a T-shirt and panties, and sat on my lap. She was now very comfortable with Mike. She asked when we were going to be done. I sent her back in, she was on the sofa watching TV when we came in in her panties and when I extended my hand to take her to the bedroom she started kissing me. It was obvious she wanted to fool around again, so I figured what the hell. We were back into position, her on her knees giving him head and me behind her. I finished and got up and when I walk away for a bit she laid on the sofa and they were kissing, with Mike on top of her. I watched this for a bit and then she took his penis and tried guiding him into her. His head was right at her opening, and he was rubbing it up and down and trying to get it in and I said to stop, I said no just finish giving him head. He stood over her and she sucked him while he fingered her.
    When we went to bed I told her I got jealous and she said it’s okay. The next morning she was making breakfast, this time just panties and a T-shirt. She was really comfortable with Mike now. He was getting ready to leave after breakfast and the thought of him rubbing up and down her vagina was super hot, I took my wife and kissed her and took off her shirt and laid her on the sofa, I said Mike, go ahead, he got on top of her and they were kissing a lot, he took off her panties and had sex with her on the sofa missionary. He came in her, she asked him to. When he left my wife kissed him opened mouth and then she and I had great sex. Sloppy seconds felt really good. That was our first weekend in sharing but not our last.

  • Mike is my best friend, best man in our wedding, and visited a lot for years. Every time he came by there was a threesome. He’d visit maybe four or five times a year and we’d go up to his place maybe twice a year. She’s done everything a woman can do with a man with both of is.
    He’d being girlfriends every once in a while and we tried swapping. It worked well, and I enjoyed it, getting to have sex with a few women that he brought over. Some of the girls were not into it and in those times no threesomes were had, but my wife would sneak away with Mike for a make out session at least.
    Other than Mike, I have shared her with a bartender, a waiter, a guy we met on vacation.

  • The guy on vacation was fun. My wife and I were having fun at an adults resort and we met another couple. We hit it off and we ended up swapping over the four days we were there. The other wife was really cute and she was a lot of fun, the guy just knew how to push my wife’s buttons and had her in the palm of his hand. She was very attracted to him physically, he was a muscular tall guy who manhandled her.

    The bartender was a guy that we knew for awhile and my wife flirted with him at my request constantly. We invited him to a party and when we were alone I told him to flirt with her, I told him she would give him s good time if he turned her on with some flirting, I watched him talking with her and I could see she was having fun. I went up to them and I said let’s go into the bedroom to talk, when we got it I took off her top and she gave both of us head at the same time. He was young, maybe 22, and she took him by the hand to the bed and they kissed and he had sex with her, switching positions and really pounding her hard just how she likes it. They went on for a long time, we spitroasted her and switched between the both of us but I came and just left them to do it. I sat and held her as he pounded her, it was really hot holding her as she kissed me with him pounding her. Finally he finished.
    The waiter was a guy we met and he asked her out. He didn’t realize we were together and she laughed and asked me if it was okay and I said yes as long as I am there to keep an eye on her. I said I need a date too then and she found me a date. We double dated with the waiter not knowing she was married to me. The whole night she was putting on a show for me, dancing dirty with him making out flashing her tits and panties, he fingered her in the club as I watched and we took him home with us, me and my date acted like we were on a date and had fun, she’s played with us before. When we got to our house my wife and him made out in the living room as me and my date made out.

  • My wife opened his pants and gave him head in front of us and my date did the same. Then they went into the guest room and closed the door, my date and I went into a bedroom and did the same. The waiter and my wife had a great time and “dated” several times for the next couple of months. I watched from a window, we didn’t let him know the secret. She made sure to make the room so I got a good view of their sex. It was so hot seeing her alone, her reactions were so hot. He’d give her a good pounding and she’d forget I was watching. I saw them do anal, oral, vaginal, her swallow, facials, everything. She kept him on for a while and just call him for a quickie and he’d call as well and come over for a quickie or BJ on his way home after work for months. The hottest thing was her dating him, double dates where she’d act so damn slutty with him. She’d do it in the men’s room with him, in the car ride, fingered in the club, he’d suck her tits and finger her in the backseat as I drove. That was fun to watch.

  • I have been sharing my wife with my best friend Phil for the last 25 years and nowadays it is pretty normal when he comes to go he give my wife a kiss which always ends up with them in our bed and watching him undress her eventually fuck is one of the best sites a married man can have she even has had other mates over the years

  • I love sharing my wife. The way she moans and the way she talks dirty is such a turn on.

  • Nothing makes me feel sexier than when my husband shares me. He has had up to two other guys fuck me then fucks me himself. Having all that cum in me feels amazing. We have two beautiful children and don't even know if he is the father and we don't care. He says he loves them no matter what.

  • Never knew how sexy my wife was till I watched her have sex with another man. Her body movements are such a turn on

  • I used to fuck around with my bf’s best friend, and he was named Mike! Lol

  • Nice story.

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