I get turn on knowing my wife would get fucked by her ex. He had a 11inch dick and she had told me he would fuck her hard and long. The thought of my wife taking that dick gets me so hard. I just fantasize of him fucking her doggy style and she just backing that pussy up against his dick. When I fuck her I whisper in her ear to think of him fucking her and I know she do because she moves her pussy up and down my dick. I don't have 11 inches I'm around a 6 and half but thick all around. I fuck her
doggy style and can't stop thinking of that big dick just going in and out of my wife's pussy. I lick her pussy when she's in doggy position and I lick her asshole I love licking her hole. Man but lately I want to cum in her and just eat my own cum out of her but she say no. Hopefully soon I'll eat it out. I know my wife can take a dick and I told her I would let him fuck her again just to see her in doggy style get that dick in her.

28 days

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    • Be careful. You are like 1/2 his size. She may realize size does matter

    • I went through that with my wife. She told me of a friend who she dated for a while. We even went to his wedding. One night when we were drinking, she laughed but told me that he had an 11 inch long cock and it was very thick. When I asked, she said that he would get her so horny, she would have an O while she was trying to suck his cock. Just stretching her lips around his cock’s head was difficult and left her jaw sore. I asked why did you date him for 6 months and she just blurted out “When he fucked me, he was in total control. He knew how to use his cock better than any guy I had been with. I asked if she used protection and she said just the pull. When I think of him bending my wife over, her big boobs slapping as he’s fucking the hell out of her pussy for hours, I was so horney. Flash forward to 2022, we talked so much about him, I k ew she needed his cock. I agreed, as long as I could watch. So I did and it was everything she said!

    • Let him fuck her again if she’s into it, it’s not like he hasn’t already fucked her. When my wife gets fucked by one of her exes it really makes her happy. Like she told me “the only thing I miss is his dick”.

    • Man I've told her I would let her fuck him.

    • I wish she would I think I would enjoy seeing her taking that dick from behind

    • My wife has only been married to me, but she had relationships with 4 other men before me. I guess that you can call them ex's. She's had sex with each of them at least twice that I know of.
      I can remember the first time that she met an ex when I was with her. I was in the men's room and when I came out, she was across the hall by the wall, in full embrace and kissing him, and they were definitely swapping tongue in a more than just friends manner. His hands were all over her butt and boobs.
      I guessing that she thought that I was going to be in the men's room longer, but I retreated into room and came out by the other exit and spied on them. I could see that she'd glance over at the door I went in but then went back to hugging and kissing. when they settled down, I went around and came out the door. You could see that she was very excited and introduced me and said who he was, one of the first guys that she went out with.
      when we got home, I told her what I saw, she didn't make any excuses, she it was very exciting to see him. she always thought that relationship was going to last but he was more concerned with his education. she was quite frank when she said that the sex with him was animalistic.
      Think that why I married her, besides her great looks, that she was so totally honest

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