Afternoon post-jogging head

I go jogging with my friend Tera all of the time. We're in our early 30's and look pretty good. We have good marriages with our guys, outside of the normal occasional spat or two.

We finished jogging the other day, and she invited me over for some lemonade at her place and to chat a bit. I said, okay, though I was almost visibly sweating through my top and lycra running tights. Thank god I was wearing black--it wasn't as noticeable.

We got to her place and her husband Rick was there with a friend of his Keith. They introduced me to Keith and yes, he was quite handsome. They had just gotten back from record shopping and were listening to music in the living room. We hung out with them and chatted about what bands we liked and stuff, and then the guys asked if we wanted to dance. I said sure. Keith and I danced, and he smelled really good. He was pressing a little close to my tits, but it was fine. He said that I looked sexy in my tights, and that was when I knew he was a little interested. I told him that I was married. He said he was too.

I looked over at Tera, who was across the room, and she was no longer dancing, but kissing her husband, straddling him on the couch. He pulled up her top and started sucking on her tits. A bit astonished, I told them to get a room, and she wryly said "No, we got one here." Her husband eventually pulled out his dick.

Keith looked at me and said, "That's crazy, isn't it?" I didn't say anything, but felt his hand rub my pussy through my tights and we started making out. It was so wrong. My clit was harder than fuck. We moved to the floor, and against my better judgment, I rolled down my tights, swung around on top of him in a 69, and we gave each other head. We went nice and slow, and lordy it felt good. We were at it for a good 20 minutes, before I felt him cream my mouth. He got me off three times in that period.

A bit flustered and tingling, legs shaking, I put my tights back on and soon left. Tera texted me later and said how hot we looked. I said I was so in the throes of guilt that I couldn't stand it. She said that we should do that again, but I didn't respond. I'll still jog with Tera, but if I see Keith again, I know we're going to fuck, and I can't do that to my husband or my emotional state. I get attached really easily.

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  • Maybe Tera wants to 69 with you.

  • I think this is amazing! Good for you! I always believe you take what's being given to you, as long as no one gets hurt then what's the harm?

  • Sure.... then you woke up.

  • Yeah..... bullcrap

  • Oh look... another wanna be "author" 😴😴

  • You should definitely fuck him.

  • Didn’t happen.

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