Weird fantasy

I am a woman, early 30's and pretty much a normal person. No real traumatic past sexually, parents were great, college educated to masters degree.
So why in the world does my brain bring up this reoccurring fantasy of being arrested and put into a prison, usually still handcuffed and naked, where men have not had access to a woman in years. I masturbate to it, I scream out in pleasure thinking of it with one dildo stuck to the headboard and sucking on my other one pretending there are two guys in me. I sometimes even use my bathroom to do it because from the side of the tub to the wall is a perfect length. I can stick both dildos to the surfaces and suck one while I bury the other in me. I put clips on my nipples so it feels like other men are pinching them waiting their turn to enter one end or the other.
I have no idea why this comes to the surface on a regular basis but it would horrify me to have this happen to me, and sometimes this same man comes to mind even though I cannot remember ever meeting him. He is large, tall and has a penis the size of a zucchini, I have even accidently gagged myself trying to suck as much of it down as he wants me to in my fantasy.
I would seek out professional help but I am afraid they would want me to act it out as some sort of freeing exercise, just kidding I could never tell anyone about this to their face.


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  • Well that is why we call them fantasies but I get why your questioning it wondering which part of your brain is wanting this done to you.
    I can tell you though letting numerous guys pleasure you all at once can be a really fun experience.

  • In my experience they only pleasure you if it’s two men or less. Any more and they’re in control

  • It's hard to say where fantasies come from. I too have had a trauma-free life, but my fantasy is fucking complete strangers at Walmart. I can't get the thought out of my head, lol.

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