Concerning short dress on my Daughter

Last night while out I saw many legal aged girls on their way to the clubs.
All wearing mini skirts and short dresses.
I was lucky to have my car cam on and able to watch them again on my laptop.
But one girl wearing a very short dress reminded me of my daughter when she was 25.
She came to see me and my then girlfriend.
On walking into the room it was clear her black dress was much shorter than she had ever worn before.
And as she sat down her dress began to rise more exposing quite a bit of her new white panties.
Its strange how seeing other girls in a mini dress can remind me of over 20 years ago.
I wish now I had taken a photo as she would have turned all men and some women on.
If only time could go back and with so many spy cams now available.
I would have used them.
Its a memory Remember

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  • Ah yes, memories! I loved both of my daughters from the day they were born, but the first time I saw my youngest in pantyhose, heels, mini-skirt, and nearly transparent blouse was the day I fell head over heels in love with her! She was only in the 9th grade, about 15yo, but she could give her mom a run for the money! (ie. that means she was damn near as hot looking as her mother!)

  • My high school aged daughter loves going out in her short skirts. Out only rule is that she has to wear panties and not a thong.

    She lifts her skirt in front of me and twirls around showing me her panties. I can tell that most of the time she is wearing a thong under them but I let her get away with it.

  • It's parents like you that are shining examples to the rest of us.

    A little VTL (visible thong line) is a polite way of saying, I respect you enough to obey you in your house, the the rest of my life is my own playground.

    What a well adjusted kid!

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