When I was in high school I had an affair with one of my teachers. It lasted 3 year's. I haven't ever told anyone. I think about it all the time , I'm sure it's been exaggerated in my head and memories by now.

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  • I was 17 in my senior year of high school I had a two month affair with an English teacher who was in her early 40s and married. I had a pick up truck at the time that I drove to school every day. She stopped me in the parking lot one morning asking if I could pick up a chair with her after school and that she would pay me for my time and gas. I agreed to go with her to get the chair thinking I would follow her but she hopped in the truck with me . As I drove I couldn't help checking out her legs , her skirt was a little on the short side which rode up a bit showing some thigh.
    We picked up the chair and on the way back I noticed she was showing more cleavage , she must have popped opened a couple buttons before getting back into the truck. The whole way to her house I was checking her out and getting turned on.
    We unloaded the chair , she caught me looking down her top. Smiling she took my hand and told me payment was in here and she lead me into her bedroom. We had sex ,she was the first woman I was with. When it was over she panicked , said she was sorry , we shouldn't have, she is married, I was a student she could lose her job told me I could never say anything about what happened.
    A week had passed she met me in the parking lot asking if I would haul a chair for her. There was no chair just us going back to her house and fucking . She must have sensed she was safe with me not talking. It ended when I graduated. I still look back on those afternoons fondly even though it was wrong because she was married and cheating.

  • I also had an affair with my teacher. Looking back now he was utterly silly to risk everything. We never used protection for the whole 14 months it went on. I lost my virginity to him too.

  • I had one with my football coach. He was a strong tan man with a great body.

  • Tell us some details , how old were you, how old was he , what kind of things happened , what happened the first time.????

  • He was obviously in his late 30s we broke it up when I was 17 . It all started one day when I volunteered to help set up the class and help do other things. We were on our hands and knees cleaning up a mess on the floor when I kissed him. Soon after we started kissing and touching. Then of course he took my virginity on his desk

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