Three weeks to make a decision

I’ve met a lovely man, we’ve only been out for coffee four times and so far things seem really nice for us.
His mother has passed away and is now staying with his father for three weeks to help sort things out.
We have been texting each other all the time and just before he had to leave we texted about what we like sexual.
Just about everything he likes I don’t or don’t have, he has said he loves a bald fanny and can’t do hairy, I’m hairy, hate shaving / waxing really irritates my skin.
He loves big firm breasts, I’m not big or firm, the complete opposite.
He has also mentioned anal sex, I’ve never had anal sex in my life and don’t plan too.
It’s not just the things above, many other none sexual things he has mentioned are not really doing it for me.
I feel I don’t really know him but now think I’m not wanting to know anymore.


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  • Written words aren't worth much due to no expression or tone to accompany them. Only you know if this man appears firm or assertive regarding what he favors or doesn't favor.

    Furthermore & more importantly, you 2 appear in context to be of mature enough age that both of you are well set in your ways and not likely or comfortable in compromising seriously fundamental relationship issues both of you hold to. No amount of time is likely to serve as any fix here thus ; seriously find a mutual method of parting peacefully prior to wasting further time. Days & months pass faster now than they used to.

  • Better break up or shave that jungle of a pussy you have. Show some consideration. How can he eat that pussy if it’s all haired up?

  • Aawwww, poor little boy is like all the rest now mewing over the female genitalia he never sees anyhow. Look slimey, anyone who has to ask the childish, crying question you did, leaves the clear conclusion that they have never been anywhere near it anyhow. For the great majority of us, we thankfully learned proper cunnilingus via only a beautiful hairy vulva.

    As such junior, it was just a fad & dames are getting their proverbial house in order again. Hairy vulva is far more sexually attractive to a man than having to observe a children's pubis on a post pubescent female. Women know this and are kicking the habit of shaving their groin. Remember ladies, A HAIRY VULVA IS VERY ATTRACTIVE on a woman.

  • 😂😂

  • Sounds to me like you'd be better off ending it before it starts and find someone who likes more of who/what you are. Trying to change yourself to meet his desires never works, especially in the long run. There are plenty of men out there who will love you just the way you are.

  • I say your gut is telling you this is not a match, and you should listen to your gut.


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