Not long enough

The sex that me and my boyfriend are having isn't good enough, he's the only person I've had sex with. but honestly my pillow gives me a better orgasm then he does. He doesn't last long, the most we've had sex for is maybe around 8 minutes, he enjoys it when I wear heels in bed for him but that only makes the time worse!! Is it just the age he's 18 would he last longer in bed as he gets older ?
I feel like a slut I just want to get satisfied I've had thoughts on going down the street to my middle age neighbor he checks me out every time I go for the mail but I don't want to be known as the slutty teen of the neighborhood nor cheat on my bf, it just has me so stressed I'm glad I found this site to talk out my issues even if people don't reply it feels good to let it out

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  • Does your boy friend know this?

  • No he doesn't

  • Kids usually suck at sexing. Like most things just needs practice and experience. Young guys shoot pretty fast and young girls think all they need to do is lay there and look pretty. All pretty dull and bad.

  • So maybe you should fuck him...... take control and ride him, stop when you think he's close and change positions or technique etc. edge him along, will drive him crazy and you'll be in control which will make you feel pretty fucking hot too. I love when my wife rides me till I'm about to blow then she slides up and sits on my face...... it gets her wetter and brings her to orgasm then she slides back down and fucks me to completion...... god, I'm ready for her right now!!! Damn it sucks being at work! Well thankfully I have an office with no windows and a door lock all to myself :) Gotta go!

  • I find the numbing anal lube my girlfriend uses on her ass, obviously numbs me too and I last quite a bit longer

  • When I was a younger man,I would usually get off in about five to ten minutes of heavy thrusting. Over time, I learned to last a lot longer, by various techniques. Now, in my 40's, I can literally last for hours. If you love your boyfriend and want to stay with him, tell him that you enjoy sex with him, but you would like for the two of you to work on ways to make sex last longer. Most women require at least three times as much time to orgasm than men do. Do NOT tell him that he cums to quick and has a problem, it will probably cause long lasting emotional issues for him. If you don't love him, then Hell yes, go out and fuck every man you can find, or at least try out a few, but at least have the decency to break up with your boyfriend first. Nothing scars a young heart like being cheated on.

  • He might be your first, but I'd encourage you to try some others too. Guys who are 18 typically don't last long, but most are ready, eager, and willing to go again really soon. You should be getting more than 8 minutes per session.

  • Don’t let him orgasm first till you do, that’s what agreement my boyfriend and I have.

  • Why don't you ask him to do some preliminaries and eat you out until orgasm before having sex? I feel more satisfied after and my boyfriend also.

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