Wife has younger guys while I watch...

I,ve posted several experience we had when we first got married and were only 18 about our 3-somes,wife swaps,exhibitionism and more. We were in the lifestyle starting back in the 70's to the late 80,s. So I decided to try and jump forward about 15yrs to when we were in our mid 30's.

My wife was still really hot and had maintained her sexy 5-8,110lb 34C-24-35 body and in some ways was even sexier than at 18. Over the yrs we had tried a lot of things such as mfm & fmf 3-somes as well as her with several guys at once and being with other girls. We tried wife swapping and Lynn loved exposing herself which led us to bookstores & adult theatres. But it seemed all of those earlier experiences had involved people either our age or older.

We had already been talking about getting out of the lifestyle. But on a trip to the beach Lynn ran into a situation she couldn't resist. It was our last day there and she was out laying on the beach on a big towel. When she just laid her skimpy bikini top across her firm 34C tits barely covering her huge puffy nipples. And when she turned to tan her back she'd wait until she knew someone was watching and gave them a quick flash of her tits as she turned on her stomach laying the top beside her. An if she wanted to flash her tits she'd raise up as if putting on lotion or something.Making it appear to just be accidental.

Well on this afternoon she'd seen 2 boys checking her out. So she raised up as if reaching for something and took her time allowing them a nice long look at her nice tits. As she laid back down she looked right at them and smiled. She figured they were 16 to 18 yo at the most. She'd figured they would take off. But instead to her surprise and delight they moved there towels over right beside her. She waited a few minutes and gave them another look and they were both really checking her out close up. Afterwards trying to act like they weren't looking.

She waited another few min an acted like she was going to raise up again an as they looked over she looked them right in the eye and with a sexy grin ask if they liked her tits ? They struggled to find words at first which she thought was a turn on. Thy finally said well we weren't trying to look ? But before they could finish she interupted and ask if they liked her tits? Of course they both said yes. She ask if they'd like to see all of her ? They were silent for a moment so she said well its ok if you don't want to see me naked, that she knew she was much older. So they quickly spoke up and said no she wasn't old and that they'd love to see her nude. She had them promise not to tell anyone because they all could get in trouble as she seemed to be leaning more to there being 16. Which later we found out one was 16 & the other had just turned 18.

She invited them to come to her room. They almost shit when they saw me. But she calmly told them to have a seat an she'd be right back she just needed to wash off the sand. She was in there for about 15 min and I was talking to them about the beach,sports and other things in no way sexual. When Lynn came out she had on a sexy tan garterbelt & Stockings and a pair of spiked heels. The only other thing was a sheer white see through housecoat left open in the front. So her tits & neatly trimmed little bush were totaly exposed. I knew they were scared about my being there so I spoke up and ask if they didn't think she had an amazing body? An they saw I was smiling & very calm so they began to lossen up a little.Lynn turned letting them see the rest through the housecoat and gradually let it slide off her arms to the floor.

She'd put on dark red lipstick & nail polish and looked hot and a little slutty as she stood before them. She ask if they really liked her tits ? As she was squeezing them together an lifting them so she could lick her nipples as they stared. Then she ask they liked her garter an stockings which they were saying yes to everything. Then as she'd done with many guys before in similar situations she move in front of them where she could take each of them's hand an place it on her stocking covered thighs. She had them rub and ask if they liked how it felt they both nodded then she moved there hands further up her thigh to her pussy and said I bet that feel's even better ? She had them stand up an fondle and suck her tit as they looked to see my reaction but continued to explore my hot wifes body.

After about 10 min she stepped back and told them now it was her turn. That they saw hers now she got to see there's. The looked at me again and saw I'd pulled my cock out and was stroking it slowly. I told them to go ahead she'd seen me fuck other women and this wasn't the first time she'd brought a guy home. But lied and said it was her first time with 2 guys at once. They stripped in no time revealing 2 iron stiff young cocks. She motioned them to the kingsize bed and had one on each side feeling her silky body from head to toe and sucking her tits. When she ask if one of them wanted to eat her pussy for her the older guy looked at his buddy and told him too. As the younger guy was attempting to eat my wifes pussy she began telling him exactly what to do and as he got better laid back enjoying her two young guys eating her as they began taking turns.

After a while she had them stand by the bed and started sucking them off knowing they wouldn't last long. An as expected in only a few min they had both filled her mouth with cum.But she was far from over with them. She suggested they take a break and drink something cold. As they walked to there seats they reached for there shorts an Lynn assured them they weren't finished. As they took a break she laid back and started rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits then pulled a viberator out of the night stand and started sliding it in an out of her wet hole. As she'd expected it didn't take long before her two young friends were rock hard again. When she could tell they were ready she invited them to join her.

She had them lay beside each other and got on top lowering her tits down and rubbing them over there faces and moving down until they were on there cocks. Then she had them move to the foot of the bed and began to take turns having them fuck her tits. After a few minutes she moved all three of them back on the bed.She straddled the younger one and slide his hard young cock inside her wet pussy while his friend played with her tits & ass and at one point had him get a small viberator from the drawer and to rub it around her ass hole. The young boy under her was pounding the hell out of her tight pussy and between that the viberator on her ass and the thought these two young boys servicing her she had an orgasm. It was only a cpl of min later when her young lover shot a load in her pussy.

So she moved to her hands & knees and told the other boy it was his turn and ask if he wanted to fuck her? As if he wouldn't say yes. She had him fuck her from behind while she sucked the younger boy who'd just fucked her's cock back to life. The 18 yo was reaching around holding on to her tits while he pounded her pussy. An I knew she was loving it because he was fairly well hung and he was fucking her brains out. By now I'd shot off and was getting hard again. I'd seen her get fucked by a lot of guys in all kinds of situations but this was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. And when she had her second orgasm I knew she was loving this. But he kept on fucking her like mad for a good while finally emptying a huge load in her pussy.

He got up and collapsed into his chair. But Lynn wasn't finished with her younger lover. She'd sucked him hard for a 3rd go round. So she had him straddle her and as she squeezed her tits together she had him fuck her tits & mouth until he shot his 3rd load all over her tits. Then I got a huge surprise when he started sucking her tits again on his own as they were covered with his cum. It looked like he was ready for more but despite her best effort she couldn't get him hard again. But the other boy had gotten hard again and boldly ask her to suck his dick again which she gladly did. I guess seeing his younger friend cum on her tits had turned him on since when he was ready to cum he pulled his cock out and shot his load on her face.

We all sat around for a little while and she had them both take a shower with her. Not wanting them going home smelling like sex. Bye then a cpl of hours had passed and they said they needed to check in so they took off.We were so turned on by the experience we got bold and with all of the lights in the room on and the curtains wide open we fucked doggie style on the bed so anyone on the boardwalk who looked could see us or at least see our siluet.

That was one of our last experience's but by far one of the hottest. Hope you enjoy one tenth as much as we did. And for those who will surely say it's total BS you're entitled to your opinions. But i'm happy to say it was as real as can be.



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  • Hot, but risky.

  • Yea it was. We had one experience in our mid 20's a guy we knew was 19 we'd had some 3-somes with.Brought a girl over one night and he suggested playing strip poker. She was all for it and she had huge tits I couldn't wait to see. After we all were naked we swapped. He fucked my wife while his gf sucked me off and I fucked her huge tits. Shooting a load on her tits & face. She told me next time she wanted me to fuck her. And while her and my wife were in the bathroom cleaning up they started to feel each other up but she said she didn't want her BF to know she was Bi. But wanted to come over one night alone to be with her.

    I almost shit when I found out a few days later she was 15. We never got together with either of them again. But still cant believe she was built like that at that age. But we were wild but not that over the line.

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