Gym showers

I was the youngest boy in our class at school, and after gym class we all showered together in this big locker room. I used to get erections quickly when I used the washcloth on the genitals, so I always tried to be quick.
Some of the other kids would notice and laugh, make fun of me. It was pretty bad, I was only 14 and just getting hair down there, late to puberty..
Coach was a big fat guy, and he showered with us, probably not allowed today but this was the 70's.
I began delaying things, most of the kids would get done and leave, often I was by myself. One day in came coach, naked, he had been there with us before but this was the first time it was just him and me.
He was asking me questions and stuff, then I noticed he had a bi hardon, it was huge compared to me. He saw me looking, and told me not to be concerned it would grow when I got older. Then he asked me if I wanted to see how big it got, and began wanking before I could answer. So I did it too, after all, this was coach. Later, I was really ashamed, but it happened several other times. He never did touch me, but still, that bothered me.

1 month ago

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    • No fucking way! Not even in the 70 or ever was a teacher going to shower with students! Not a snowballs chance in hell. Even Joe Paterno did his sick shit when the campus was closed. That was pure bull shit.

    • In the UK, during my younger high school days we boys, then aged around 13-14-15, would shower together after sports. It wasn't unusual for one to get a hard on which would cause the rest of us to spring up. It wasn't 'queer' (the word then) just horny teenagers. There was always a wank-off and usually within a few minutes we had all shot our spunk onto the floor where it all washed away. Yes, the teacher was aware. I saw him look around the corner to the showers once, he took one look and turned away. When we all came out he said nothing. Probably just a day-to-day thing for him.

    • Gee how come that did not happen when I showered in school? Not once as for the teacher unless there was a fight they stayed in the office. You teacher may have thought a problem was happing and took a look and turned away in disgust as I would. The only thing the teacher watched is we had to remove our shoes and socks and step on a gate that sprayed disinfectant for athletes foot before entering the locker room.

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