Clients keep getting erections

I am an osteopath, not long qualified, but decided to set up my own practice. I see a mix of clients and help them all. It's all very hands on, and for clients for hip back or leg issues they are usually in just their underwear.
I have noticed slot of my male clients getting aroused, from semi's to full erections popping out. It doesn't bother me, and I excuse my client's, but being around all these erections is starting to turn me on, and I have had to resist the urge to playfully touch.
It's not all my clients fault, I know I am pretty, and I know my choice of clothes can be arousing (yoga pants and a stretchy top) but it's what I like. I must also have a touch that is arousing.
I do some massage along with manipulation, and sometimes I feel that in a different room in a different place, I could be offering 'extra', making extra money.
Some clients flirt with me, (men and women) I'm sure I could have fun with some of them, or even date them.
I have started offering home visits, and whilst it would be inappropriate, would any guys out there mind if I touched your cock whilst giving genuine medical therapy???? Please advise

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  • I use to get my annual physical at a place my employer paid for. I looked forward to it every year. One year they put me in a examination room and told me to put on "the gown", you know the one that you can't tie in the back. After a few minutes an attractive older women in her 60's comes in. She asked me to stand up as she sat down on a small stool talking about prostate and testicular cancer prevention. The next thing I knew she had reached under my gown and was feeling my balls telling me how important it was to find it in it's early stages. I get hard whenever any woman touches my balls, medically or not. Then she asked me if I was circumcised or not. I told her that I was. When she was done, she lifted up my gown and gave my cock a quick look and smiled up at me. I don't think I would have lasted a minute if she started jerking me off, but I certainly would have let her!

  • Go right ahead, and i do mean "head"!

  • Not sure I am willing to go that far, but I don't mind being touched and having a play

  • I wouldn’t mind at all. You can even provide me with relief, too. ;)

  • Ha ha it's not a service I offer, I either get tempted, or bored waiting for the hard-on to go down. I'm a girl, I'm attracted to naked men, it's not a surprise!

  • Had the same client back yesterday. I told him I needed him in just his underwear, and got him on the bench, I did various therapeutic things with him. After a while he was on his back in just his boxers and I was doing leg stretches with him whilst admiring his package. With some of the stretches I managed to brush his balls with my arm, and I was seeing signs of life. I spread his legs right apart and started working the muscle up his leg until I was pushing his boxers up to reach his groin, and of course up pops his erection, cue standard apologies and me reassuring its ok. He started fidgeting pushing it left and right trying to get it out the way. I said if the shorts were causing discomfort he could take them off, I told him I had a no nudity policy but would make an exception for his comfort.
    I slid them off and was now facing a huge hard cock which was very distracting. I myself was quite arroused but didn't want to let on, and carried on without touching it, but stroking everywhere else.
    I finished the treatment and handed his his boxers saying he could put them back on now (being professional). He started putting them on but he was still hard, I asked if that was going to go down, he apologised and said if he needed to relieve himself before leaving I could give him a couple of mins, but as I got to the door I asked if it would be quicker if I did it. He nodded and I oiled up my hands. I grabbed his cock and with a loose hand went quite rapid, caressing is balls as I did. I told him he could touch my bum if it would help, and this warm hand appeared on my bum, he quickly ejaculated and went soft, I cleaned him off and he left.
    When I got home there was a tide mark on my panties that showed how wet I had got. I masterbated when I got in but think I need a bf and real sex to quell my urges

  • Worked Saturday, client had some circulation problems along side main complaint, so I gave some massage, and up came the flagpole, I reassured him not to worry and flirted a bit. I had seen him checking me out when he arrived, and during the consultation his eyes kept flicking down to look at my boobs. Let's just say I was in no danger of a complaint. I didn't touch his cock, but some might have called it a crotch massage. Awkwardly his erection was still up when we finished and he struggled to get it in his jeans, I was so tempted!
    Booked him in for Wednesday though!

  • Don't lose your license. It's not worth it. That being said, getting attention and being touched feels nice. I tore my ACL years ago and had to undergo a lot of physical therapy. Just having my MILF therapist put her hands all over my legs and inner thighs as she helped me gain mobility was relaxing and wonderful. I'd wear athletic shorts to the sessions, because she needed access to the knee. I was semi-hard or totally hard a lot of the time. She had to know (it was obvious), but she was quite the professional.

  • I would be very careful, I know how much my license is worth. I'm not talking about offering sexual services, I'm not that kind of person, just maybe touch the cute guys now and then for my pleasure and theirs, I can't see any objecting

  • You can touch me anytime!!

  • I'm a chiropractor and I have a lot of women come on to me. This one hot patient would get into a gown and always how no panties on. She even gave me her number . I never did anything because I didn't know if she was setting me up..

    Anyway, I would definitely let u touch my big hard cock.

  • Thanks for sharing, good to know I am not the only professional with this issue. I too have women come on to me, I guess you don't have the same issue with men, maybe you do? Ha ha
    Is it just the one woman, or many? I guess you must be at least kinda cute 😉
    Thanks for the offer to touch your big hard cock lol

  • I know you were commenting to the guy above about women and men hitting on him as a joke. But when I hurt my back my wife wouldn't allow a female therapist so she hired a man to do the massage therapy sessions. At the end of the first session he asked how I was feeling then asked if I needed anywhere else massaged . At first it didn't register what he meant. Later that day it dawned on me what he was asking. The next session was two days later and again he gave me a massage but paid closer attention to my inner thighs and the top of my ass as he massaged me. again when it was over he asked if I wanted to lay back and he would massage anything else that needed it. This time I knew what he was saying and just laid back. I never had any sexual interaction with another man but this guy had me curious. He used a lot of oil and gave me a great hand job making me cum all over my stomach and chest. It was the way we ended each session for three months.

  • Wow, thanks for sharing, great story. How did you feel about it? Did you feel gay, was that good? I'm guessing if a man hires a male therapist there may be an assumption he's gay, rather than having an over protective wife.
    One thing it does show is that even when professionals touch you it is still linked to sex, many men would never let a man touch them which is daft, but good for you, hope you had fun.

  • At first it seemed really strange just having another man touch me but he was very skilled at relaxing me as his client . When I laid back for him to "massage" the rest it was pretty intense watching him pour oil in his hands then him taking hold of my cock and working it until he had me completely hard. After that I just laid back eyes closed and enjoyed the handjob he was giving me. I did feel a little guilty and questioned my sexuality a little but just decided to enjoy it while it lasted. Every time he jerked me off at the end of the session it left me completely relaxed . He was very good with his hands.

  • Good for you

  • I don't know to many of us guys that don't want to be touched there. My wife called my Massage Therapist the prettiest woman in town and I can't dispute that. She never touched me inappropriately but I wanted her to. I am a nudist so my dick has been mind trained not to get hard but it would have if she took a hold of it.

  • I think that is a warning from your wife btw, she is jealous.

  • Ill skip the therapy and go straight for the playful touching. thx!

  • I am a professional, there to fix people, but, there is only so much you can do with a client in a session without it being a bit much so often finish with massage, then I would be happy with playful touching of cute clients

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