My son has started here recently hugging me often.
He comes up behind me and hugs me from behind and i can feel him pushing his groin into me..
Sometimes he cups my tits when he does.
I dont know if he is trying to molest me or just being loving.
I liked the hugs at first but now i think he is being alittle too friendly.

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  • Oh god, if my mom would have let me get away with cupping her tits, eventually I'd have been fondling them.

  • I was obsessed with my mom when i was a teenager.
    She was short and had a incredible tight looking little bubble butt. She always wore tight jeans yoga pants
    One night she came hime from bar drunk and changed into just a t shirt and panties and sat down on couch with me watching tv.
    She looked extremely sexy .i could see her little tits pointing through her shirt
    I started picking on her playfully cause she was drunk and giggling.
    It got out of hand and i ended up on top of her rolling around tickling her .
    She rolled over blocking my tickling from he ribs .
    I ended uo working her panties down and was grinding against her before she realized what i was doing.
    She tried to push me off and i started tickling her ribs and her and ended up quickly ramming into her.
    I came almost immediately. I was embarrassed and got up and went to my room.
    We have never spoke of it to this day.
    I felt guilty and ashamed then but niw i just remember hiw good it felt and how intense and hard i came into her.

  • If it were my mom, it wouldn't have been a one time thing. Once I had a had fucked her pussy, and sucked on her tits, there would have been more to cum.

  • That's how I started things with my mom. We are basically home all the time together right now. I came down for breakfast just wearing my robe, naked underneath. My mom wearing a short nightgown facing the sink. I was instantly hard thinking of what I was going to do. I came up behind my mom raising her nightgown above her sweet ass....and she wasn't wearing panties. My mom leg out a gasp as I quickly opened my robe, my cock so hard that it hurt, pushing my mom forward on the sink. She started saying "What the hell do you....Uhhhhhh." I had my cock inside my mother's pussy, and began fucking her hard and fast.

  • Lets be real about this he wants to fu-k you and you want him to you when you let his feel your tits, so don't pretend and get on with it

  • Tell your little Oedipus to control himself and back the fuck off. Help him find some pussy, because he needs some. Maybe you have a friend who can help.

  • You need to confront him now before it gets out of hand.
    Bet money he is perving you peaking in windows or something.

  • My son Was like this with me. He was totally obsessed to the point someone was going to find out. So one day when he was ogling me.
    His dad was at work. I stood before him and dropped my night gown.
    Told him this was ine time to get it out of his system and no more after today.
    It worked and he never did it again.
    That day embarrassed the hell out of him.
    Think it was okay as long as it was forbidden but
    Once mom called his bluff he became a shy boy

  • Many do the same. Early on, when I first started noticing my hot older sister's amazing body, I did everything I could to feel and get my hands on her, especially in the pool and if we were alone. Hug her tight and my hand would braise and grab her ass, surprising her but she let it go, passing her through doorways and raising my hand just enough to sneak in a tits grab, making her laugh and say "Hey, now..".

    The pool was the best. I'd help her vacuum and my hands would be all over her. I'd get in first, and she'd come down the ladder to my "helping her" by holding her waist and keeping my hands there so she'd come down the ladder and my hands would cup her tits. She'd say the same as when I'd get her in the doorway, smiling "Heyy, now.." but letting me do it. She'd have her back to me vacuuming, and knew...His (my) hands are going to feel my ass underwater. A lot. She not only got used to it, but, if I didn't somehow touch or try to touch her, she was surprised. Would make comments like "What, don't like this bikini today?", or "Tired, hun? You're usually..Closer to me".

  • Sounds like my brother.
    I use to love teasing him. I knew he was always trying to peak at me and would get feels like you discribe.
    And yes when i was in mood i would let him even flirt some.

  • We had fun with it. She loved the attention and, sometimes, how direct and one-track minded I could be with her body. If I wanted it, my hands were all over her no matter what. Follow her downstairs to the laundry room, and get my hand inside of her robe, or, handle her in her car. If I wanted her, nothing held me back.

  • He's going to keep taking it further every time until you stop him, so the question is how far do you want this to go?

  • Question is how far do you want to hear about?

  • All of it

  • All of it ?
    That’s naughty.
    Never thought of my son that way.
    Why do guys love thinking about a woman fucking her son?

  • Because its hot for a mother to give her son orgasms

  • And natural

  • What age though? mine started very young. probably too young for most here so I wont say. But I loved it.

  • 16 minimum

  • He is 11

  • Lucky little boy!

  • Because we all want to fuck our moms

  • Your son is NOT trying to molest you. I think that is a word that is used incorrectly too many times. Your son obviously wants to have sex with you and is being too forward maybe. From what you said in your last sentence would indicate you don't want sex with your son? If that is the case then you need to tell your son.

  • Give him a handjob.

  • He wants to fuck you, especially of you're a good looking milf

  • My nephew started doing this for a while before he took the full leap and trapped me in my pantry. He’s trying to start something. If you do nothing you’ll end up like me, in a pantry with your nephew dumping his balls in to you.

  • Why did you let him?

  • What age is your son?

  • If you like the hugs, would you be willing to go a little further?

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