Girl on girl fight...

Over Christmas I had a few days off and the girlfriend and I went to see her friend.
Her friend is from the gym, she is Polish and stunning looking.
When we arrived her sister was there too, immediately you could tell something was going on between them two, her sister was sitting on the sofa with crossed legs and arms like she had the right hump!
As my girlfriend was chatting her friend sister kept chiming in saying something in her language, then she would retaliate back in Polish, this went on for about 10 minuets.
Next thing both are waving arms in the air and shouting at each other, I’m thinking this is going to kick off, and it did.
Both started pulling on each other’s hair and trying to wrestle with each other.
The best bit about this story is, I saw my girlfriend stunning friend big hairy pussy!
When the two girls went to ground wrestling her sister started pulling on her clothes and pulled down on her leggings, as she tried to get up her leggings came down more showing a nice big black triangle of pubes!
I was hoping to see more but the girlfriend said we are leaving.
Apparently the argument started over the sister not washing up the night before!

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