Stepdaughter part 8

So even though part 7 hasnt been posted yet, i just had to do another update.

so i will start with last night, my step daughter is going out again, spending my money and once again im dropping her off while picking her mother up at 8 from work. its about 6 and she cones down stairs all dressed up again, im sat on the sofa and she jumps on and puts her feet up on my again, showing off her new shoes, i have developed such a thing for chunky platform heels and boots now since she keep buying them with my money, so she asks if i like them waving them in my face, these chunky black slutty platform ankle boots, i let her rub them litrally in my face as i smell the new leather, even licking them, shes giggling and i notice her skin tight shiny leggings, so tight on her legs i run my hands over her legs and up, she gets up asking if i wana see her arse and no joke thes things are skin tight with this really high waist, a shiny smooth thick band just bellow her cute belly button, so hot i rub my face in her arse cheeks, guessing correctly that she wasnt wearing underwear at all, i thought i was in luck but the door bell went, jumping she darted to the door with a giggle, it was her friend, so they went upstairs for the next hour or so as i nursed my hardon. however she came down before her friend meeting me again in the kitchen, grabbing my cock telling me her friend was just finishing her make up and we had a few mins, whipping out my cock and giving me a gobble with her mouth, it is so fuckin hot looking down at her wrapping her mouth round my cock, 5mins felt like 5 seconds and before i knew it i was in the car driving them into town and picking up her mother. one thing that bugged but also turned me on even more was her friend, she was wearing one of my stepdaughters leather skirt, the same one i fucked her in before, one i had brought!
later on that evening i tryed my luck with her mother as i was really sexauly frustrated but no luck.
i txt her daughter and offered picking her up wanting to fuck her in the car again but when she replyed i had to take her friend home too who lives only up the road so there was bo chance of that. getting back in her mother was fast asleep and she went straight up to her room so i thought i was shit out of luck and had a beer watching the telly for half hour or so.
before going to bed i went out the back door for a ciggy, while out my stepdaughter joined me and asked for one, so i had another as she smiked with me, we got chatting again in our way and i mentioned about her friend wearing that skirt, she told me it was to tease me, i told her it wasnt fair and she then told me to "punish her"
well i smoked the last my ciggy while she sucked on my cock in the open doorway to our back garden, when we were done i pulled her into the kitchen, closed the door to the hallway, pulled her dress off and had her on her knees, tits out, just her shiny tigh leggings and ankle boots as i held her held her head and fucked her mouth, the sloppy gags and drooling spit again, felt so good, i bent her over fingering her pussy and arse through her shiny smooth leggings, growled at her that i going to own her arse and pussy, i did grap the top the legging to pull them down but i changed my mind, i wanted to rip a hole in them and fuck her in them. that is exactly what i did! i pulled them apart till i could get a grib and stuck two fingers through the stitching before ripping them open exposing her juicy wet shaven pussy and arsehole.
she gasped with a face of horrer with what i had just dine to her brand new leggings. groaning "oh my god!" she didnt have much time to say anything else.
i bent her over ripped the hole bigger and slammed my cock deep into her tight pussy, biting her lip she hissed at me "i cant belive you just did that!" grabbing the thick shiny waist band i unleased all that sexual frustration on her, poinding as hard and as deep as i could.
both of us bitibg our tongue as i she got fucked by her mothers!
ss i came close to blowing my load i changed our posistion, pulling her up, picking her up and sitting her on the kitchen counter spreading her legs, ripping her leggings more, one her legs on my shoulder as the other waved in the air, the smell of the new ankle boots, i licked them as i kept pounding her pussy with my bare cock. she started rubbing the too her pussy, and i knew she was about to cum. i pounded harder and faster until she started to cum. trying to push me off as she came i held onto her tight and kept pounding her making her squirm even more, biting her lip trying not to scream, i felt myself begin to cum, thrust thrust thrust i gave her as i shot my load inside her pussy again, a real powerfull cumshot deep in her pussy again, as i pulled out, thick cum poured out of her teen pussy onto the kitchen counter. i know she came really good as when she tryed to get down her legs almost gave in, she even had to take her ankle boots off to walk upstairs, that when i saw my cum leaking down her leg as i had ripped the legging to pieces, she went to bed straight away and i had another ciggy. finelly got to bed at about 2am.

the even better news, her mother is going away to her parents this weekend and wont be back till tuesday. so i am hoping to use her slutty daughter for more degrading pleaure of mine, i just hope my wallet can take it.


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  • Nice fantasy

  • Yeah...... sure (massive eyeroll)

  • This made my pussy so wet 😅

  • Today is Sunday 330 in the afternoon and already since our 44 year old neighbor fucked me up against our house he's been in my bed room four times already today giving me his 10 inch hard cock deep into my pussy and right now he's in my shower getting ready to go at me again. Don't know what I am going to do when my husband gets home tomorrow late, but for now I am going to let Bruce have me any way he wants me.

  • Damn that was hot. I just fucked my stepdaught for the 4th time. She craves my cock. Its such a rush knowing behind her shyness and introvertedness she is horny as fuck. The first few times I fucked her she let me take control now she wants to control. I let her fuck me. Its so hot knowing I taught her how to fuck since I took her virginity

  • Oh my stepdaughters virgity was long gone before i managed to get my dick in her, all that slut experance though, she knows how to handle a cock and i love it, 19 year old ass bouncing up and down in my cock is heavenly

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