I'm Pretty Sure I'm a Terrible Person

My bf and I haven't been very physical lately and he will only have sex with me wrapped or he'll ejaculate on the sheets and I'm never fulfilled.
So for two days I talked to this rando online. I'm super in need of getting physical and this guy is way nasty and says all the right things. I agree to meet him at his motel. I don't even know this guy's name or what he looks like, and some how that excites me more.
Last night I get there and I wanted to be easy so I show up in a loose dress with nothing underneath. We make out and my dress ends up across the room. He gets me on my back and somehow he's gotten naked too and starts rubbing his bare cock on my clit. I manage to pull away from his mouth and say we need to use a condom. He says he knows and is only teasing me. He says that there's no need to wrap it if he's no inside me. We start kissing again and he's sawing his cock more and more aggressively along my slit until I feel the head of his cock snag a little bit on my hole. He doesn't seem to be trying to get it in me, and it's only snagging a little bit as he's sawing away the entire length of my slit. It feels amazing and we keep making out.
Then in a quick motion he pops the head of his cock inside me. I again pull away and ask for a condom. He tells me not to worry and he only wants to feel inside me for a moment. He says he'll wrap up after few thrusts.
Now I'm not an idiot and I know this is some highscool sleeze tactic, but it feels amazing. I've never been this turned on.
We go back to making out and we proceed to fuck bareback. I still don't know what this guy's name is and now I'm having risky sex with him. It doesn't take long for me to orgasm and right in the middle he asks if I want him to pull out because he's about to bust. This just makes me orgasm harder and I can't seem to get the words out. He grunts and I know it's too late. This stranger has ejaculated, unprotected, inside me.
I'm not even actually upset, but I act like I am. I grab my dress and leave. This guy's semen dripping down my leg. I don't clean up. I get home and masturbate with his semen. I go to bed without cleaning it out or off of me. I didn't shower today either or clean it out of me yet.
I feel disgusting and amazing at the same time. I'm so stupid and yet I want more. My poor bf. I'm awful.


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  • Imagine your runt bf jerking off next time you get satisfied by a hung stud
    And definitely take those loads

  • Great story. You sound like a lovely woman.

  • Fuck... that is exactly the way I want to be seduced into raw, unprotected sex. I do not want to admit that is how I really want it, I want the guy to sweet talk his way into fucking me bareback thinking I am against it... so hot!!

    You feel bad now, but you are going to do this again. Enjoy!

  • You're right; I am. I've a got a date with another stranger tonight and I'm hoping he pulls the same stunt. All I can think about is feeling another load inside me. I'm sick; I really am.

  • How did your date go?

  • Plan b and birth control. Make em show a clean std test

  • Wow

  • The smell and juices of sex is a great part of the full sexual experience.

  • That is so very true.

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