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So I've been married to my wife for 13 years. As long as I've known her she's never been skinny. Probably 5'5" and about 180 lbs when I met her. I was totally ok with that. I've never been attracted to skinny women. She had a daughter already when we met and we had a son a year after we got married. At her heaviest she was probably 230. I say probably in both cases because she would never tell me her weight.

Well, a couple years ago she decided to do something about it. She changed her eating habits and started working out 3-4 times a week. As of a year ago, she is at 145 lbs. She's still thick but fit. Perfectly round bubble butt, muscular thighs. Her tits went from an E, down to a c cup. She's smoking hot. I've never been ashamed of her. I've always found her hot.

When she was heavier she had no sex drive. It was more a chore. Now that shes thinner, she has a huge sex drive. She likes being naked anytime she can. She actually goes bottomless in the house. Just a tank top.

She also jokes about her work out boyfriend. Some guy she works out with. About 4 months ago, she came home really late. She works out in the evening after work and is usually home by 8. This time it was 10:30.

I asked why she was late. She said I probably didn't want to know. I was joking and said, "You finally stop teasing your boyfriend." She said, "Yup." I said, "Wait. For real?" She said, "Yep. We've been flirting for months. I caved and let him fuck me."

Now I know I should be pissed but I'm not. It turned me on. I had never seen this guy and I had a hard on growing thinking about her on all fours taking this guys dick.


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  • I had an orgasm once doing leg lifts on a thing called a captain's chair. It was something about doing abdominal crunches that triggers the nerves in your lower back. My personal trainer, after seeing my eyes glaze in orgasm, said "are you all right?" When I was done seeing stars, I said "You have no idea how all right." He thought I was hurt, lol.

  • I get embarrassed sometimes because for starters I sweat a lot, so when I start working out within five minutes I have a wet spots between my breasts, under them and down the rear of my shorts. When I workout for my long days I sometimes end up with a wet spot on the front of me and it looks bad for sure. One of the most fun things that I do though is get on the exercise bike and pump like hell, I sometimes rub myself into an orgasm on the seat. It is so great though because everyone is breathing hard, and moaning out so having an orgasm goes completely unnoticed. I have even put my arms across the bars with my head down in them grinding out one then stopped to catch my breath, everyone just thinks your going for the burn when in reality I am going for an orgasm.

  • I had my first orgasm because I was rubbing against my seat in like 3rd or 4th grade. I had no idea what it was at first, just that it felt good.

    Imagine being surrounded in a class full of students when you have your first orgasm and not knowing what it was

  • I had my first orgasm at about the same age, but it came from climbing poles during recess. I didn't know what it was, but I sure as hell climbed poles every day back then.

  • Increased circulation from working out does wonders for the libido. I've never been really fat (173 lbs at my heaviest), but when I turned 30 I took up jogging to lose some weight. I jog 4 miles about 4-5 times a week. Just from being in better shape, my sex drive is through the roof. For the first time in years, my husband can't keep up.

  • Then it’s time to get more than hubby cock.

  • I want this to happen to me

  • Sounds like she gets sexually aroused working out, it happens to a lot of people and mostly women. So if your okay with it talk to more about doing a threesome or start working out with her so you can be the recipient of this super charged sex energy. I have pushed the edge of my water bottle into my yoga pants countless times on the drive home after working out so I know how turned on I get from it.

  • You might think it is hot, but your marriage is on shaky ground. She is replacing you, and you are too stupid to do anything about it, other than jerking yourself off while it happens. Buck up, and be a real man.

  • I would love to fuck a woman after another guy did

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