Hotwife Bucket List

After you have been married for many years you try to think of some new ideas that will spice up your sex life. Gentlemen, I am looking for suggestions I can include on my Hotwife Bucket List. I am asking for some kinky ideas for a wife and husband to do together. Ladies, please share any suggestions you would be willing to be a part of. My wife already lets me wear her panties whenever I want and she pegs me whenever I need it. Here are some of my kinky ideas I have already thought of: wife send me a picture of one of her hot friends that I could jerk off to; wife dress up in heels, pantyhose, short dress and let me sniff/lick/kiss all over and dry hump away; wife make me suck on her dildo; call a phone sex line together; let me precum on her body, lick it up, and then finish all over her; let me watch her flirt with a stranger; spank/humiliate me. There are obvious other ones I have, but not realistic. I want kinky ideas that both husband and wife would really participate in.

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  • Have a male dog??

  • Nope, but I bet that is hot watching wife get knotted.

  • It all depends on how far your wife is willing to go. Is she willing to do a threesome, make videos, will she humiliate you, ? I think you get the picture, good luck.

  • Great ideas!

  • Great idea!

  • Your wife dresses up sexy but not obviously looking to hook up.
    She leaves her wedding ring at home. You both go to the same club. Both turn off your phones. You are not allowed to communicate with her. You can only watch. She is allowed to do whatever she wants within the club! (Damn, I may let my wife do that!)

  • Wife and Have friends that are hot but conservative Republicans, church going: Bob and Mary Beth.
    Then we have another coupe who are just the opposite: Linda and Jim.
    We have sex and make believe I'm Jim and wife is Mary Beth. Other times we'll be Bob and Mary Beth having sex light "Mary Beth, can I lick your bosom now? then it ends wild where Mary Beth calls me the mailman's name. Then we're Linda cheating with some guy she just met online.

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