Young women like older men?

So I always hear young women love older men... where? Because in my observation it's the complete opposite. If you're not some Justin Bieber doppelgänger, or some douche with swag, they don't want a thing to do with you. Seems more like porno fantasy to me.

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  • I agree that it's normally older men who like younger girls. The two older men that live on the corner pay me $30.00 just to stand naked while they jerk off. I've been doing it with them for years

  • I'm into older men that have taken care if themselves. My current fantasy man is Dolph Lundgren. I think I like the idea of a man with maturity as well as experience. A man who knows how to touch a woman and give her pleasure. I find wisdom lines to be sexy. I feel an older man can provide better mental stimulus and hold an amazing. I prefer that to some young brat who's education is limited to video games and memes.

  • Not sure if one can generalize. I'm 19 and have been dating older guys--the oldest in the last year was 38. Others have been in the 28-35 range mostly. What is good about guys that age isn't their money or anything, but that they're not jerks and have their shit together. They know what they want in life and are already doing it, rather than planning or talking about it.

  • I am strictly sprung on older men for b etter bigger cock and theyre so grateful and treat me like the queen i am

  • Love that.

  • I'm definitely for the older gentleman. A from the ages to 14 to now (30s) I've always had relationships with older men. 14 years older, 20years older, even 26 years older.

  • I was in a relationship with my roommate's father (and mother, occasionally), during and shortly after college. He was in his mid-late forties. Not only was he very handsome, but he had a quiet self confidence that I've always found very appealing in some older men. I was treated like queen and the sex was great. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • That’s got me dripping pre cum thinking about it. Tell us what you did with him and her.

  • Tell us more about how you played with her mom and dad. When did it first happen and how. Did you play with them together? It’s so hot thinking about it all

  • When I was in my early twenties I had about a two year relationship with a man in his fifties. The thing I loved about it most was the way he took his time with me and was always a gentleman. I can honestly say that no other man has pleasured me as much sexually as him.

  • It's not a porn fantasy only. I have been attracted to older men my whole life. It's not so acceptable with other girls. I have hid my attractions and desires from them. I have had to sneak off to approach older men. Now that I'm older and married things have become kinkier but even harder to experience. Just be you and smile, I'm sure someone you know or seen has been thinking about you the same way.

  • Ps sorry about my spelling I'm driving right now lol

  • I have never heard this... are you sure you are not confusing that older men love young women?

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