Rest Area Relief

It’s winter, under my coat and sweat pants I’m wearing my black corset with lace top stockings. I have a lace bra with “C cup false breast, and a sweet black mini skirt on. I walk inside the bathroom to shop myself off. I come back to my car and remove my pants and coat. I put my heels on, my red wig, ear rings, and apply light makeup on.
I exit my car and sit at a picnic table and wait to see if anyone is interested. It doesn’t take long until a man walks up and makes a crude pass at me, he realizes I’m a cross dresser as I tell him that I was looking for some action.
As I tell him how much I love having hard cocks cum in my mouth and ass I see his dick getting hard. He tells me he wants to start with a blow job so we go to my car. His dick is out before he gets in. I start sucking the head of his dick and he starts pushing my head further down on his dick. I swallow his dick trying to get every inch of it in my throat. It doesn’t take long until I start to taste his pre cum. I really get serious then, teasing his dick head then taking it down my throat. I take his first shot of cum down my throat, then have him filling my mouth with his hot load of cum, swallowing it so I don’t loose a drop. I suck his cock until he pulls my head off of it.

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  • When I was a kid my friend and I would ride our bikes to the rest area near our house. We'd suck off truckers and let um fuck our cute fourteen year old boypussies.

  • When young I only sucked my friends dicks and let them fuck my tight ass. Because of them I realized how much I enjoyed swallowing cum and having it shot deep in my ass.
    When older I found plenty of men would let me suck them off. When some of them found out I was wearing panties they would gladly bend me over to fuck my ass.
    I found men everywhere, theaters, rest areas, camping, everywhere.

  • Damn. Email me plz asap. Tg865833 gmail

  • Ewww! To all of this

  • It's just sex, honey. Relax

  • My wife dresses like a boy and goes into rest stops , while I wait for a few minutes. Once I see men go in and not back out I go in. It's the funnest most exhilarating thing. Enjoy it

  • I hope that one day I meet her in the bathroom.
    Do you just enjoy seeing her being pleased by other men, or do you get the pleasure of finishing her night off for her yourself?
    If you join in, then what do you get to do for your pleasure? What does she want you to do for her pleasure?

  • Hot story... may I ask how he made his "crude" pass at you?

  • He told me that he had watched me since I arrived. He said that if I am going to change into a female that I had better know how to suck cock.

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