Grinding on the table corner

I am a female and I have always masturbated by grinding on the corner of a table. I start out lightly then to make myself cum I have to have all of my weight on the corner with my feet off the ground. I support myself with my arms as I grind it out. Does anyone else do this or am I an original??

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  • That’s so hot knowing you grind your pussy on the table and you getting wet and creamy. I would go sniff that corner and get a wiff of you musky sweet scent

  • Если хочешь[if you want] уоц кап,iт's okei[okay] iт's hyvä[good] so,do уоцг маsturbating and forщноеvег кап'т spell,I dо iт оп рцгроse[here's the thing,have two languages,change one to the other,purposely]

  • Ok weird...

  • Damn I’d love to go down on you and let you decide what you’d love better.
    And.. I’d worship that entire ass at the same time

  • I love asses, everything about them, the round soft buttocks to grab and massage. The crack of a sexy women’s ass seen down her lose jeans drives me crazy. Then the holy grail of it all is the pink tight puckered rosebud!! I could lick and eat a sexy woman’s asshole for hours

  • I have had several amazing lovers that make me have orgasms. But if I do it myself this works best. Thanks for the offer though

  • I only use the corners of tables or something similar. The dryer doesn't sound like it is for me. Glad it works for others though. The pressure is what gets me off not the vibrations. I have several vibrators but nothing works except the corner.

  • Why haven't you tried the laundry dryer?

  • ^^^this. I used to "disappear" to the laundry room plenty, even had a chair down there. It was nice to sit back, legs up, and feel the good vibes on my vag. To this day it was the easiest way to get off.

  • The dryer with wet jeans in it. WOW that feels so good, the washer on spin cycle is great also but it does not last long enough for me.

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