Driving me crazy

My sister-in-law is staying with us presently, she has sold her house and has three weeks before she can move into her new home. She is separated. She has, and has always had, magnificent boobs, even in her 50's they look great. She comes in the morning to the kitchen area where I do my news-reading, emails and stuff, wearing a long slip. Her nipples are pronounced, and perfect underneath it. I try not to look, but they are so adorable; I just want to lift that slip and admire them, caress them. I don't believe she's wearing panties today. She just asked me what I'm writing...ahmmm: Can I say how bad I want to see her naked, how much I'd like to be in her? Boy, oh boy. What a lovely body. I'm sure she's teasing me, and it sure feels good. Hope my wife sleeps in. Hope she doesn't notice my erection.

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  • So has the displaying ended? What's happening? Talk to us!

  • Got a call-out early, so missed the morning's torture. Worked a long shift, picked up a pizza on the way home about 10. Started to watch a movie, but fell asleep in the chair and woke when she came in; it was 2.00am or thereabout. She said sorry for waking me.

    She had been drinking, obviously, and had a cheeky grin. She was wearing a platinum coloured satin shirt, bra-less, and a grey and silver banded midi. As she slipped off the first of her 3-inch heels I asked 'A good night?', she giggled and said 'Very good', 'Met up with two old friends'. The top two buttons of her shirt were undone, got a nice peek of boob as she bent to take the other shoe off. It was then I noticed the three lower side buttons of her skirt were also undone. She said she was pooped and bid me goodnight, still with that cheeky grin on her face.

    "Two old friends" my ass. Two strangers in a bar more like. She had been fucking, you could almost smell it. Two strangers cocks in her, I'll bet she was sensational; probably had them both at the same time. One deep in her cunt, the other in her back-door as she bucked and fucked them, not even undressing; just throwing open her shirt and they groped and caressed her beautiful breasts, then pulling the dress up above her waist to reveal her crotch to them in her wet frenzy. Probably demanded they fuck her long and hard and said 'Who's first?' Probably squirted. I wondered how much cum she carried with her off to bed and if her beautifully trimmed bush was matted with it. I'll bet it was.

    My imagination's running away with me. I need to go to bed. My wife will love it when I enter her; she enjoys waking up to my cock in her, ravishing her without foreplay. I expect her sister does too. One night she's going to get it.

  • Let yourself get a raging erection. When she sees it ... stutter ...

    ' sorry ... I didn't mean ... I can't ... sigh.

    Apologetic [but only a little], aroused, helpless, vulnerable.

    Wait for her response.

    Post it here.

  • Not long to go now Buddy just keep up the restraint it may be difficult because she is clearly getting heavy into teasing you but stay strong it will be worth it

  • Oh shit, just fuck her already. Either that or she quits being a prick tease. Take her, tell her we fuck or she cuts it out. Be a man, take control

  • Today I didn't hear her approach at all. She came down much earlier than usual; about 5.45. The lights went out in the kitchen, I thought a fuse had gone, but it was her, she had turned them off, I heard her say in the darkness "Sorry, only me. Modesty calls; I'm not wearing much". She said she hadn't eaten well last night and was now famished and needed something from the fridge.

    The fridge is the exact opposite side of the kitchen room to me and when she opened the door the interior light silhouetted her beautiful body. As for 'not wearing much'; I don't think was wearing anything at all. I lowered the screen of my laptop towards me and enjoyed the turn-on spectacle she was providing. She seemed to look into the chiller for ages, swapping her weight from one leg to the other, before reaching in for something, and as she leaned I'm certain I saw her her pubic hair haloed in the fridge-light. Yep, she was naked all right. Boy; I was aroused and I nearly spat my coffee out when she asked if she could use my yogurt; I wanted to say I would give her my yogurt any time, any place; by oral, by vaginal or by anal, but I didn't. I just said 'Go right ahead'. She said thanks, closed the fridge and swept out the door, turning the light back on as she left. This is hell. 12 More days.

  • You are really going to get in the shit if you touch her, just try to last out and root your wife heaps.

  • Today she came down in a billowy flannel nightie, it was white with a fresia print pattern and went just below her knees. She was at the kitchen bench facing away from me, making us both coffee, I was watching her ass. Couldn't take my eyes off her.

    She seemed particularly jovial today and when she bought the coffee over I commented that she appeared to be in high spirits. She replied that she was, she said she had treated herself to a pedicure yesterday and was thrilled with the result. Standing close to the table she said "Look"; lifted the nightie to the top of her thighs and wiggled her toes girlishly, then she sat down and crossed her legs, left over right, extending her foot towards me with her toes bent down. She said "Do you like them?". The nails were brilliant red and had been finished with pink polka-dots, it was an astounding nail-job, but my eyes had been drawn to the top of her thigh, where the nightie now rested. "Want to see the other one?" she said, ""Yeah, why not" I replied. She uncrossed her left leg, then extended her right leg towards me, lifting it to my eye level, again with glistening, beautiful nails pointed down but also offering me a view of her beautifully trimmed, but not shaven, crotch. She said "Beautiful, don't you think?", I said "Superb". She lowered her leg, took her coffee and went back to bed. I'm sorry to say I haven't been as highly aroused in some time. I took an early shower, imagined her completely naked, recalled her amazing, glistening, black triangle, and wanked.

    She's here another fourteen days. Boy, oh boy.

  • Being separated she needs some cock. Ask your wife nicely if you can help her out and make her feel wanted and desired.

  • Becareful. Don't shit where you eat.

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