Older women

I am 19 never had a lesbian experience but I seem to be attracted to older women in charge I fantasize about pleasing them by eating there pussy, I don`t know what to do

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  • I like older women also and want them in that way. Lynn 20

  • A lot of flirting and heavy eye contact and I have been at it since I was 17. Even if she may not be interested at first the thought of a young attractive woman wanting her is enough to turn even a lot of straight women on. If not interested they will look away or walk away and not look back. What do you have to lose go for it. And good luck

  • Yummmmmy!

  • This sounds so hot to me being an older woman I am 46 married, but I would love to be with a younger woman.

  • I’m a 50 year old woma. And I’m all up for making your fantasy a reality.

  • You obviously do know what to do, you're just worried about doing it. Go find an older woman who's gonna tell you what to do, and most of all, have fun !

  • I think most older women if they are even a little curious would welcome the the advances of a younger woman at the right time and place, I know I would.

  • Hell, I’ll take an older woman tooof she wants to eat my pussy.

  • Makes me want to get on a lesbian dating site for a younger and see her discreetly. Yum

  • When I was 26 my relationship with my boyfriend ended, after a few weeks I started socialising with a work colleague, she was good fun and it was a good distraction for me.
    Long story short, we ended up having a six mouth sexual relationship.
    My advice is if you’re thinking about it I’m sure you’re make it happen if you want it too.
    You will give of the right body language for it to happen.

  • Did she control you? It’s what mean lesbians do quite well.

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