I got beat up in front of my girlfriend and her two friends

I had only been going out with Wanda for a few weeks, and I could tell she was crazy about me. She was anxious to introduce me to her two best friends, Pat and Linda. When we did meet, it was good. I liked them, and they seemed to like me. Later, Wanda told me they were impressed with how good of shape I was in. That really bolstered my ego, made me feel good that the three of them thought I had a nice body.
About two weeks later, Wanda brought me to a party. I was uncomfortable about it because I thought I wouldn't know anyone there. But when Wanda told me Pat and Linda would be there, I felt much better about it.
Anyway, to make a long story short, I got into a fight at the party, and I lost very easily. The other guy completely owned me. Naturally, this was very humiliating for me. Wanda, Pat and Linda were all standing together as they watched me take a beating. After the fight, I could tell Wanda was embarrassed by my poor fighting. And she told me as much. She said Pat and Linda being there made it a lot worse. Linda apparently told Wanda that she thought I knew how to fight. That didn't help.
Wanda and I went out together for another few months, but that incident really crushed both of us. And Wanda brought it up a few times; usually when we got into an argument. Send me your thoughts: summitof72@hotmail.ca

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