Wife & Colleague

I have been sleeping with my work colleague for about a year now. We are both married with kids. But we kicked it off at work and slowly our chatting became dirty and fantasy thoughts started to come out in our chats. And then it happened we had sex and it was great. She let me cum inside her. She blew and swallowed my cum. And ever since then we have been fucking a lot. Take time off work and booking a hotel and having sex all day. I eat her out…her pussy is just beautiful she blows me in the car and I even get to eat her ass out. We have even used condoms and have been cumming inside her or in her mouth even since. She has gone home and had sex with her partner with my cum insider her pussy.

She has mentioned to me a few times when she had sex with her partner, he has mentioned “oh you are so wet, must be horny” and look at the white cream coming out and said it is turning him on. He is not knowing he is having my cum all over his penis.

I have gone home and also had sex with my partner. When I get home and she gets home from work. I quickly pull my wifes panties down, her dirty pussy and I insert my penis with my work colleagues cum and discharge all over it. She has no clue that my penis is covered with my work colleagues discharge and cum. I have at times made her blow me…. Before sex, she has said wow you are wet. I said yeah I am horny and I want you to blow me. I have made her lick my knob and there is a lot of my work colleague discharge under the knobs rim. I tell my wife that’s all cum there just lick it. And she licked it and said it tastes nice.

There is one other time where my work colleague urinated on my penis while having sex. She was having a orgasm and couldn’t control it and pee came out as well, a lot of it…we both loved it and she kept going.
Later when I got home, I asked my wife to blow me. She was like not tonight. But I was like come on just blow me and then I will fuck you really good. She is like ok just a quick blow…when she started sucking she mentioned it tastes like urine. I said I might have not wiped it well after been to the toilet, not knowing my work colleague urinated all over me. I said I can go and wash it. Wife said its ok. I have it in my mouth now and tasted it already I will clean it now while blowing. I said you sure. She said its fine I will lick it…but she said a lot of urine here it’s all over your penis and balls. I kept quite and she blew me and then I peeled my knob back and there it was…cum and discharge from my colleague.

My wife said that’s a lot of wetness and creamish cum. How come. I said you are sucking me and tasting my urine has turned me on. I said it’s kinky as hell. She is like that’s a lot and there were clumps of discharge too from my colleague pussy. She was like thinking and thinking and then gave in and said I will lick it. I said open your mouth I want to see the discharge (which is my work colleague discharge) and she poked her tongue out and there it was. She is tasting and eating my work colleague cum and was all over her mouth. And the best part she was tasting her urine too.

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  • Sounds a little made up to me!!!

  • Nothing sexy about the word "discharge".

  • Ewww

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