Any regrets?

I'm 45. My wife is 50. We've been married for 15 years but together a total of 20. We were watching TV when she asked me if i had any regrets during our marriage.

Lemme stop here and mention a couple things. She has cheated on me 3 times. Once was after about a year of us being together but before marriage. She slept with a fuck buddy she's had since high school. Back then I got pretty pissed about it. Second time was the night before we got married. Technically cheating but we agreed to it. She had sex with her matron of honor and I had sex with my best man. Third time was about 3 years into our marriage. She had a 2 year long affair with her boss. She copped to it after about 8 months. She asked how I felt about it. She has always been totally honest. I said, "Well, first off how many times have you guys had sex in 8 months?" She had to think about it. She said, "2-3 times a week? Sometimes more?" I said, "so you like fucking him more than me?" She said, "More than? No. As much? Yeah. Plus I get paid a lot. Do you want me to stop?" I said, "Do you want to stop?" She said, "If you are ok with it, I kinda want to keep doing it." Her company ended up going belly up and she had to get transferred to a different location.

So anyway, she asked if I had any regrets. I said, "Well, why don't you go first." She said, "We've been married 15 years. My only regret, honestly, is I've never done anything like a threesome." I said, "Two guys or two girls?" She knew I was asking which she wanted. She said, "I want to do both. Hell I'd like a foursome with 3 guys. Kinda like the idea of sucking a dick while I'm being dp'd." I said, "Damn. That's a good answer." Then i said, "I've always been super curious about having sex with another guy." Now, she doesn't know that in the 20 years we have been together I've had plenty of blowjobs by other guys. Neither of us consider blowjobs as cheating. Weird but it is what it is. She said, "You want to fuck a guy?" I said, "No. I want a guy to fuck me." She said, "I'd love to see that!"

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  • Sounds like you two were made for each other. Hope you have fun with it.

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