She is amazing

My wife is amazing just given her history with sex, we met in our late twenties by chance really because I filled in for a coworker who could not go to an expo at the last minute.
She was sexy to me the first second I saw her, not sure why but I was attracted to her right from the start of our conversation and we just started seeing each other with everyday getting closer. Sex is amazing with her, she does everything I could have imagined and far more than I ever thought about. She is an amazing giver and even after the first time we got together sexually I knew she had some experience I just would have never figured how she got it. She has three siblings and she is the only female, third in age and they are all pretty much about a year apart and for her it all started the summer before middle school. Her older brothers asked her if she would like to give them blowjobs, she did not know what they meant but to her surprise she was pretty excited to do it. She told me she remembers the first time really well, her oldest brother lowered his pants and his cock sprang out and she was immediately attracted to it. She started playing with it and of course started sucking on it and after both of them had received blowjobs from her they came back again and again. She remembers summer days in the beginning where she pretty much gave them cock suckings constantly then one day the youngest brother saw what was going on and she gave him one as well.
The first year was pretty much spent pleasuring them but when her breasts came in and developed she soon became the center of attention for them. They discovered how good she tasted and it was a whole new game now with her receiving hours of oral. She would be just recovering from an orgasm when the next brother would want to do it then she would be licked for another half hour or more while sometimes sucking another one. The youngest brother turned out to be quite the lover of going down on her, she would always have to tell him she could not take anymore and needed a break. He was also the one who took the most chances with her and would often come into her room at night late sneaking under the covers and would want to go down on her. She honestly has no idea how they never were found out by her parents because their were a few times that they heard one of them come home from work and they were in the middle of some kind of sex.
So after finding out all of this after a few long discussions I told her that I am amazed that she enjoys sex so much but she told me she was not traumatized by it at all because they were really gentle about it there was never any roughness to it they were all just having fun with it. She even joked about it a bit telling me that you know how much we make love and how sometimes we spend over an hour pleasuring each other. She told me now picture three of you wanting to do that to me, she told me that there were plenty of days that she was touched and licked for several hours having multiple orgasms. She then told me something that just really surprised me because I would have never even guessed it, her second oldest brother used to give the other two blowjobs as well. She told me one day after several months of this he was watching her sucking and went off to the other one and sucked him off. The two older brothers shared a room and she told me that he would often be sucking cock in the morning. I was amazed by all of this sexual activity between them and asked her how long this went on for and she told me that a few times in college she did it with her youngest brother but the other two had moved out.
I am still amazed at how much she loves sex just given her past, she also had a bad experience in college where she ended up in a bedroom with three guys. It started out with just one and the two of them were making out on his bed when the other two just walked in and locked the door behind them. When he was not even upset with them she realized that must have been their plan all along and did not put up a struggle, she ended up having a really great time with all three but learned not to go up to bedrooms in frat houses.


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  • I started giving my brother blow jobs when I was quite young and it continued for almost six years and never said a word to my mom. All he did was ask me one day if I would do it for him, he gave me plenty of directions and told me to never tell anyone about it. I honestly found none of it bad at all until one night when me and a friend went to a party, there were over twenty kids there and a boy I sort of liked asked me if I would "suck his cock". I did it on my knees in the bathroom and realized at that moment that I had been sucking my brothers cock for a long time but had never heard it put that way.

  • Sounds so made up

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