In the Family - Between In-laws

I am now a great grand mother from a wealthy traditional joint family in a third world country. Back when I got married at age 22, I was the youngest daughter-in-law, well educated and smart. My father-in-law, his father and my husband were living in the same house along with their spouses. I had two sisters-in-law who were married and living with their families in their nearby towns. We all ladies married into the family, observed that the men in the family, my husband , my father-in-law, my grand father-in-law and sons-in -law flirt around with call girls, strippers and even with prostitutes. Many times they got in trouble with their flirting and we all ladies know about it and were concerned about it. One day we all ladies got together for a meeting along with my mother. My sisters-in-law we’re not present and none of the men were present. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss infidelity of the men of this house and how we can prevent it. One by one was emphasizing religious values of sex inside marriage only and how to persuade the men to live by this value. I was patiently listening to them. I was not in agreement with them. They were not thinking practically and humanely. I made the following comments and suggestions

“All of you are more experienced in the family than me, but you all do not understand the men practically and humanely. These men are not fully satisfied sexually with their wives. They need to spice up their sex lives with another woman. Women of this family too need to spice up their sex life by having sex with another man. This sexual spicing up is missing both in men and women in this big joint family. That is why men are flirting around outside the family and women are always nagging and controlling men. So what I suggest is to get this sexual spice within the family for both men and woman, between in-laws. Every daughter-in-law should be another woman to her father-in-law. Every mother-in-law should be another woman to her son-in-law. This sexual connection between in-laws is not incest as they are not related by blood. It creates understanding, bond and love among the family members of this big joint family. Moreover, we all know that there are crushes between in-laws in this family and let us accept them and act on them. This lifestyle should not be known to any one outside this family. It should be our family secret. I will bell the cat today by sleeping with my father-in-law and have sex with him.”

There was perfect silence among the ladies. No one dared to contradict me. Every one was looking into each other face with a smile and showing their thumbs up. As I declared, I had sex with my father-in-law that night. Later one by one every woman became another woman and every man became another man. All within family; safely, without cost, without shame, without guilt. We never used condoms or pills to make sex natural and pleasurable. Both men and women took oaths to limit sex only to this lifestyle. Women went through tubectomy procedures when they had enough children. We didn’t do paternity test for any child since we didn’t care who impregnated who. This practice is still in tact for last 40+ years in this family and will continue for ever. I am proud I am the architect of this life style. I hope readers of this report consider this lifestyle for peace, joy and love in their joint or extended families.

Mar 28

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    • My husband and my mother do not see eye to eye. They hate each other. I sent this post to them anonymously. Then I don’t see any problems between them. I found they became sex birds. I am OK.

    • I slept with my sil for over a year. She was 1000 times better than her sister lol

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      Biggest i had was my Italian gf.
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    • I am having sex (threesome) with my mother and mother in law and all three are enjoying in secret.

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