When my daughter started dating i became a little worried ...with every thing going on these days a mothers suspicion meter goes up... her so called boyfriend was a nice young man and well behaved good family and they lived in a prestigious town house complex in the area ... me being divorced and owning a house in the suburbs sometimes he would ride his bike to the house and hang around with her... one Saturday she had cheerleader practice and he had offered to cut the lawn since he had nothing to do and i asked him about using protection when they got involved ( i couldn't bring my self to say sex),, he blushed and said yes we do ... i already knew that they were hot and heavy into their relationship know if you get her pregnant you both ruin your future plans right?... yes we know that Mrs Caldwell we practice safe sex.. i usually just perform orally without intercourse ,,,my goodness i don't think i need to know that Jack ..well it's what she prefers he tells me.... i became embarrassed and blushed that's when he took advantage of my weakness... i had my back towards him when he approached me and embraced me and fondled my breasts i couldn't resist the temptation and allowed him to lift my dress i felt his extremely hard cock between my legs and my body just took a mind of it's own i rocked his rock back and forth between my thighs till he couldn't take it any longer he bent me over the kitchen table moved my panties a side and slid that hard warm cock deep inside my pussy he slams it hard and deep i've never felt such hard cock in me ,,, he tells me to lift one of my legs up and rub my pussy and he enters me even deeper slamming it deeper and harder and i meet him with every thrust till i reach an earth shattering orgasm as i lay there recuperating he lets out a loud moan and splashes his cum deep inside my ovaries when he pulls out a huge load just drips out of my pussy i try to hold it in with my hand and 4 of my fingers could easily fit in my pussy...i rush for paper towels there was a huge load now dripping down my legs my panties did no use in keeping it from leaking out as he stood there looking at me i noticed his cock was huge as well as thick.. jack this must not be known to anyone i tell him this wasn't the right thing to do at all..... he puts his shorts back on as i finish cleaning his cum out of me .. he goes and cuts the lawn when my daughter gets dropped off by one of her friends .. ,,as they leave with friends i started thinking my goodness that was one of the best fucks i ever had .. i couldn't get enough of him he was very addictive he turn me into his personal whore i texted him constantly even when at work i had to have my pussy totally shaved he made me not wear any panties even in a short skirt at work i was even told to finger myself at work and send him pictures he would meet me in the parking garage so i could suck his cock ... many times i came home with my breath smelling like cum or my pussy dripping with his cum..i wanted more and more right now he's gone to college and so has my daughter to a different one but almost every night i find myself in front of my computer with the camera showing myself jamming all kinds of objects in my pussy with him stroking his huge cock ..can't wait for school break


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  • Pedo cradle robber an a bad mother backstabbing ur daughter.

  • So you like fucking kids. You fucking pedo.

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