One time I was in a dream ( I was 10 at the time ) I had a strange dream that I was getting a pole dance from my teacher on top of a stack of bill cosby and I then woke up only to realize that I was on the moon. At this point I knew that my mind was fucking with me but it felt so real. While on the moon I didn’t have a helmet on so I was suffocating then once again I wake up in my bed I don’t know what to do but it was freaking me out I hated every second of my dream then all I see is gunfire and I realize that I was in Vietnam “ well just my luck I’m in the Vietnam war. “ why oh why did my brain think all of this and said you know what this makes no sense so let us make it even less sense by putting in stripper in the middle of the gunfire. To be continued..........

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  • By any chance, would your name be Peter Griffin?

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