Deflowered by 12 (Part 2)

Carl reaches for the sides of my bikini panties and tells me to lift my butt up. I do as he says and he begins to peel my purple panties off of me. As he is getting them off me he begins to grab my legs and moves them up toward the ceiling and pushes my panties away from me. He then puts my feet back on the couch and he tells me to open them, I do as he says. My bra is undone but is the only thing on me. Carl says no we are not doing it this way and grabs one of my arms and says to turn around and to put one knee on the couch and moves my other knee on the arm post of the couch as he is positioning me to his liking. One of my knees is on the couch and the other the couches arm post, my head is also near the arm post. Carl tells Jake to go to the side of the arm post where my face is at. Carl then gets behind me and with one of his hands puts it on my pussy and his other hand is on my back. He pushes my back down towards the couch and with his other hand that is on my pussy he raises it up. He tells me to stay like that and moves his hands away and puts one on my butt cheek and pushes it open, with his other hand he slaps his cock on the bottom of my sliash. He reaches for my hand and makes me hold my other butt cheek open. I feel his cock pushing inside of me. My sexual awakening has begun.

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  • You got fucked very nicely your first time!

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