Deflowered by 12 (Part 1)

I was conceived during the hippie movement and born in 1969. My mom says I was made on the way of her going to Woodstock. My dad passed away when I was 3 and my mom remarried to an African-America when I was 5. Neither of my grandparents were to pleased with this. A black man raising a little white girl in the North was uncommon in the 70's. Once when I was 8, I showered with him because our hot water heater was on the brinks. All he said to me as I stared at times at his long ding dong that I was blessed at the right spot. I think after this shower I became fascinated with cocks. I would try to see my step dad pee as much as I could, it was easiest in the morning. He would pee in the bathroom with the door open and I would pretend to walk in not knowing he was there. He would say hold on a second Allison, that he was almost done. By the time I was 10 mom was already buying me skimpy bikini panties to wear made of nylon, satin and some even lacie. I liked my panties to fit tightly on me and mom would always buy them a size smaller anyways. I was tall for my age, skinny and bonie, blond hair and blue eyes. I would hear my mom and step dad having sex at times and would try to peek thru the keyhole. I would see them do a lot of different things. I would go back to my room and rub the slash between my legs over my panties until it felt I needed to pee. I got my bras for my 11th Birthday in October right before Halloween, mom says my nipples are already peeping out and showing thru my tops. By the summer of 1980 I had already gone from training bras to size 28A, a mouthful as Carl would say one summer afternoon. Carl and Jake were playing basketball across the street from where I lived. Carl is black and lives down the street from us, and Jake is white. That morning I had put on a white sundress with spaghetti straps that tied on the shoulders to hold the sundress on, it is thin and short, it is from last summer and I have grown since a year. I chose purple nylon bikini panties to wear under it with a white lace bra that snapped in the front. You can see the outline of my panties thru my dress if the daylight is perfect and my bra straps are a little wider than the spaghetti straps of the sundress and are visible. I see the two guys playing, I think they are 15, 16 at most and in High School, so I walk across the street and go to some steps near the basketball goal, sit down and watch them play. After a few minutes they stop playing and I notice Carl whispering to Jake. Jake then calls to me, hey Allison, its hot out here that they are going to play pool in his dads man cave and if I want to go with them and watch. I get up the steps and say ok and start to follow them thru the front of the garage to a door in the back. Jake opens the door and we all go in to this huge room with a pool table in it, a sofa couch, TV, stereo system and bar type chairs. I sit down on a chair as the two guys grab pool sticks and start to play. After a few minutes Carl says if I want to try it. I say ok and he calls me over to him before I can go towards the stick holders. He says he will show me how to shoot and puts me close to the pool table and shows me how to position my arms and hands as he is standing behind me. I hit a white ball that hits a red ball that almost goes in the hole. Carl says not bad, but that he never misses a hole. He takes the pool stick from me and lays it on the table and says to me that the perfume I have on smells pretty. He puts his hands on my waist and turns me towards him and says I am also the prettiest girl in the neighborhood. I just say I don't know in return. He then says has anyone kissed me here as he moves his mouth to kiss my forehead, I move my head sideways meaning no, then he kisses one side of my cheek, how about here, again I move my head sideways meaning no. Then his lips move gently over my lips as he kisses me for a short kiss. He stops and says if I am ok with this. I move my head up and down meaning yes. He replies that's my girl and starts to kiss me again, this time I feel his lips start to pry my lips apart as he inserts his tougue in my mouth, I also feel him starting to raise my sundress up with his hands at the sides of my hips bunching it up towards the top of my waist. His tougue is moving along the inside of my mouth feeling my teeth, he pushes me closer to him, I feel his hands on my behind over my panties. I really don't know what to do other than let him kiss me and do what he's doing. I decide to move my arms and put them around him as he is kissing me. He stops kissing me and pulls away for just a bit, and says if I am still ok. I move my head up and down meaning yes, then he starts to kiss me again, he grabs my behind with his hands and pushes me closer to him, I feel his bulge up against the v of my panties, my sundress is up above my waist and I am letting him do all this. He stops the kiss and gently moves me back a little and looks me over with his eyes and says wow...he kisses the tip of my nose and says let's get this sundress off you and starts to move one hand away from my behind and starts to untie one of the shoulder straps before I can even give him a answer. I know the dress will fall below my bra once he unties the other side. It doesn't take him long to move to the other shoulder and untie that strap. My sundress quickly goes down below my bra and is only being held up by his one arm holding my behind. He looks at me and says at least I have a mouthful for them. I had completely forgotten about Jake, Carl gets my arm and says come on, let's sit you on the couch, I move one hand to hold the sundress bunched at my waist, he says no, leave it, let it fall to the floor as he moves my arm away and makes me walk with him a few steps to the couch. I am just in my bra and panties as my sundress hits the floor, the couch is only a couple of steps from the oool table and Carl leads me to it and sits me on it around the middle and pushes my legs apart and stands between them. He peels off his shirt, looks at me and tells me to open my legs wider. I just move them a bit more and he says I will have to get them wider to take this, he then pulls his shorts and underwear down at the same time and his massive cock pops straight out staring at me as he holds it with one of his hands right at me. He tells Jake to get his clothes off and to sit next to me. Carl says to Jake they have to get me nice and ready for their cocks. He then grabs my legs near my ankles and says let's get these feet on the couch so he can rub my pussy better. Jake has sat to my right and Carl is to my left. As he puts my feet on top of the sofa he grabs my arm by the wrist and says to hold his shaft and play with it as he leads my hand to his cock. When he gets it there he let's go of his hands and starts to rub the center of my panties. He tells Jake to put his arm around me and to caress my breast. Jake does not seem to be as experienced as Carl. Carl starts to rub more vigorously and aggressively over my nylon panties pushing the panties into my slash. Jake is now rubbing my breast over my bra with his both of his hands. Carl tells Jake to kiss me. As Jake kisses me, Carl pushes my legs further apart, he says for me to hold Jakes cock with my other hand. I do as he says and reach for Jakes manhood with my empty hand. I am now holding and jingling 2 cocks. I am on fire, my body is responding to everything they are doing to me. Carl calls out to Jake, its time to check out her pussy dude. Jake stops kissing me and slowly moves away from me as I let go off both cocks about this time. Carl says out loud that he's got my panties drenched, he then gets the side of my panties and moves them away from Jake towards him exposing my female genitalia to them both . Carl says out loud again, look at the size of my pussy, that he knew I would be smooth and bald. Jake says dam you got her hole pulsating. I cannot look, I close my eyes, Carl says to Jake get back in position and to kiss and play with my breast some more that I am still not ready to F**K. His words enter my mind over and over again. They are both going to screw me. Jake goes back to putting his arm around me again and starts to kiss me, this time he pushes my lace bra down with his hands to expose my breast. Carl says to stop kissing me that he's going to push a finger inside my hole. I have never done that to myself in my own bed, my panties are still on but Carl still has them pushed aside. He rubs my bare genitalia at first and then when I feel him insert a finger inside my pussy I kinda push myself down as Jake is kissing me raising my pussy up as Carl is finger it. I can't make a sound because Jake is kissing me and playing with my breast. Three things are happening to me at the same time and my body is buring hot. I feel Carl pushing his finger in and out of my hole, it feels so good, I feel like I want to pee and can't stop the urge, he is pushing fingers into my hole rapidly back and forth rocking my opening. I am starting to sweat in a room that is cool. Carl says ok Jake, that he can stop kissing me, that I am ready to F**K. Jake stops kissing me and Carl says to him to unsnap my bra, that he wants me naked now. Carl then stands right between the middle of my legs, my feet are still on the couch. Carl is looking at me and says if I am ready for him to take my panties off. I don't say anything, but in my mind, yes I want him to. He then looks at me and says it again Allison do you want me to take your panties off. I move my head up and down meaning yes. Jake says just take them off her Carl. Carl says no, that I have to tell him it's ok for him to remove my panties. I don't know how I found the voice to say to Carl that he can take my panties off but they came out of my mouth. Carl replies that he knew I would and and that I was ready to F**K.

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  • Think I would have been in her long ago

  • Hmmm... You're the Ronnie dude. God man seriously get a grip!

  • Sounds like your getting fucked soon.

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