Being naughty

Nooo Mr Vee ,,, i shouldn't be doing this i tell him.. yes you are Mrs H sit on the couch and do it i' m not comfortable with this Mr Vee.... i sat on the couch spread my legs and start to rub my pussy over my panties cover my face with my other hand in embarrassment i start get my juices flowing and get up and pull my panties off my garter belt shows holding my stockings up and my bushy pussy is soaked my dress is around my waist as i rub my pussy furiously he stands up and unbuckles his pants springing out his huge firm cock ...noo Mr Vee i shouldn't and can't get pregnant with my husband over seas it wouldn't be right or proper... no worries Mrs H ..he stands on the couch with his cock on my face as i continue to rub my pussy he pulls my head back and i eagerly suck his cock ( my husband had been shipped to Vietnam 4 months early and i got off birth control when it ran out ) i haven't had any sexual interactions with anyone except myself.. i have 2 fingers in my pussy and using my other hand rubbing my clit he fucks my mouth slowly just when i get my orgasm he shoots his entire load in my mouth as i swallow every last salty gooey drop from his cock i cleared my throat... he gets off the couch and puts his pants back on i get up and clean myself up.... when i walked back in to the living room and tried to put my panties on he says NOOO.. leave them off and come and have some coffee... my goodness Mr Vee i have never done anything like that no worries Mrs H no one needs to know ... no Mr Vee i meant i've never swallowed it before .. well Mrs H there's no way you'll get pregnant like that...from that moment on i had no problems masturbating quite often in front of him and sucking off his last drop.. i got back on birth control soon after ( without my husband knowing) and i got some serious penetration from his had cum drippings all over the inside of my legs quite often i felt like a whore and i loved it after all he didn't raise my rent and took me to the market when i needed he bought me some sexy outfits for the masturbation sections and i loved every minute .... ( yes the 70's were wonderful hairy pussys and all )


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • So you cheated on and man who went to serve our country. Thats low.

  • Very low...

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