My MIL is just 8 years older than me. I started fucking her even before I knew her daughter. She was 31 years old the first time I fucked her. She has the hottest pussy anyone could imagine, and its even tighter than my wife's. Now I'm married, I still fuck her at least once a week. Her best friend lets us use her house. Neither my MIL's husband nor my wife has ever suspected anything although, strangely enough, when I'm fucking my wife she sometimes wants me to call her by her mother's name, which I'm more than willing to do as I'm often thinking of her mother as my cock is ramming her pussy.


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  • Funny story. I used to give tennis lessons when I was in college, a woman who I had given probably five or six lessons to hit on me and I went right along with her. The next time she showed up we flirted even more and she asked me if I had a place we could go, I took her back to my parents house because they both worked and it was only around lunch time. We had crazy great sex for a few hours then she left.
    Fast forward like four or five years and I start dating my now wife, she inviting me to her house for a holiday dinner and we walk into the house. The woman comes to the door excited to meet her daughters new boyfriend and it is the woman from the tennis lesson. She was totally cool about it and hugged me like we just met, I played it cool as well thinking maybe she does not remember me. Well that thought went away when we were in the kitchen after dinner cleaning up she asked me if I still live at my parents house with a twin bed. She winked at me and told me that I was very memorable and I had better be good to her daughter and not just in a sexual way.

  • When I am having sex with my husband says his mothers name just before he is about to shoot his spunk up me, he started saying mummy shortly after we started having sex, it dose have the desired affect on him he is like a steel rod inside me, I don't think he knows he is saying it, I have seen certain signs between him and his mother before we were married but I dismissed them as affection thing like kissing her on the mouth with the lips parted for longer than necessary I have seen him give her bottom a smack when he thought I wasn't there, he always goes to see his mum when ime on a period even though I have offered a hand job or a blow job

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  • Why would she want to be called by her mothers name?

  • She must know

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