Collateral damage

I had a post for well hung black guys to fuck me and fulfill a fantasy of mine , my husband was out of town and my daughter was over at her friends for the week end. I was at home enjoying three huge black cocks using me however they wanted when I got a text that my daughter was at the door to unlock it and let her in. I put my robe on and went downstairs and let her in, she knew something was up and began to ask questions. before I could say anything a big black dude with a huge cock was standing in the living room. She asked me straight up if he was fucking me and I told her yes, she stormed upstairs where she happened to run into the other 2 I was promptly put on the couch where I was getting a thorough fucking . I heard my daughter yell and then all was quiet, when I finally made it upstairs my daughter was was being held down and getting fucked hard by one of the guys meant for me. she wasn't crying or struggling but was fucking him back, meeting his thrusts. needless to say my fucking was cut short as they all wanted to fuck her so I let them fuck her and come in me they fucked us good most of the day. She can handle a good 10 inch dick but anything bigger is mine

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  • All you’re fantasy’s with big black cock, not all black guys have big cocks. And the ones that have a larger one don’t know how to use it.

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