When I'm Soft

My wife likes to suck on my cock when it's soft. She says she likes how a soft cock feels in her mouth and that sucking on it makes her feel calm and relaxed. Sometimes when we're in bed, watching TV, and if she gets bored with the show, she will pull down my pajama pants and suck on me. Of course, I eventually get hard and she will blow me. But I've become so used to it, that I often stay soft so she can the suck with no expectations.

Mar 30


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    • Flaccid cocks are just nice to play with in general. Doesn't even have to be oral. It can just be my hand or my fingers too. There's just something inexplicably soothing about it.

      I even remember doing it once as a kid. Like before I even knew what sex was or that I wasn't supposed to. I think I was maybe 10 or 11, and my dad and I were just cuddling in front of a movie when he fell asleep. I instinctively reached into his pyjama shorts and just held it, like some blankie or something. When it inevitably got hard (not from me playing with it, but just from the touch I guess) I didn't get what was happening, but I didn't think much of it. All I knew was that it felt nice.

      Anyway, my poor dad eventually woke up, got all spooked (understandable when his daughter's hand was down his pants), and my parents had this whole talk with me where they explained that what I'd done wasn't ok, although I didn't understand why. There was nothing sexual about it. Just an innocent kid doing what came natural and felt good, not knowing it was considered inappropriate.

      Point of the story is it doesn't have to be sexual for me. I just like holding and playing with soft cocks, even if it's not in a sexual context. I always have. Even as a kid, it just came naturally for me. It just felt safe and soothing somehow.

    • Sucking cock is more fun when you start out with it being soft. I began to realize how much fun it was when I got older and sucked older cock. I mean I started out as a teen and sucking teen boys and they had an erection before you even got there pants off. Then you have to be careful they cum so fast.
      Older guys, more often than not, it starts out flaccid, and they are so much more play you can do.

    • My wife loves to suck my cock when it is soft as well.

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