Father in law trip

So I’ve always had an obsession of having sex with my father in law, he’s the manly man hairy good looking and in his late fifties. Me I’m in my thirties and know this is wrong but when we’re working on projects together especially outside seeing him sweat and in all his glory turns me on!!! We’re going on a guys trip to Las Vegas in a few weeks and it would be awesome if we could have one of the them what happens in Vegas stats in Vegas moments. Anyone have any recommendations on how I can get us both naked and in the hotel bed f@cking each other’s brains out?? Thanks fellas

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  • Elementary girl. First off, try to get a place that offers rooms with only ONE double bed. Then prior to bed, suggest a shower, which is common. Attire that comes off isn't required to put back on at bedtime. Once he knows you're naked, the rest is instinct. By the way, smart of you to remember your feminine mandate. Remember girl, BAREBACK is required for appropriate copulation.

  • Read dumbass, the OP is a dude that wants his FIL cock badly.

  • Any luck?

  • Just try to send him some signs and see if he is interested. Try to think of some excuse to touch or rub against him.
    Good Luck

  • I’ve had quite a few older lovers that are old enough to be my dad. Having a wife or GF with a stud silver hair dad would be perfect. Rub up against him stand close by he will get the message. Had a friend that met his future FIL at rehearsal dinner and had sex with him that night after the women went to bed. He still has lots of sex with the FIL and his wife loves the fact they get along so well. It’s just so damm hot to make love to a FIL

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