Can someone change that quick?

For years I’ve been chasing tight bald pussy, I masturbate to tight little bald pussy.
5 months ago I had an affair with a married woman of 4 children, she had one big hairy pussy and the loosest hole you could fuck and OMG am I a changed man, I so wanting more sloppy big hairy pussy!

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  • I'm 23f.but I think I'm quite old fashioned or my brain is like an older womans.I like to tend to my patch and keep it trimmed on the sides but never clean shaven.Its a good way to see what guys are like,if they like it or if they're put off by it.

  • My wife leaves hers hairy.Doesn't bother me,I've grown quite fond of it.Just laying there stroking,rubbing it always leads to more.I love shooting my load all over her pubes and she rubs it through her curly mound.Also she still feels great down there after kids.

  • Yaaayyy! This! Top man

  • I once had a small smooth pussy until I met my fiance. Now its a little hairy and he's stretched it so I can take a large fat dong. I enjoy being stretched but was that my pussy is ruined.

  • My other half likes stretching too

  • Sad *

  • Preteen pussy is best ever..

  • I dunno about loose but I've always been a fan of hairy pussy. Sign of maturity. My newest fettish is women with hairy armpits.

  • You must be hard up.

  • Has any off her girls got a tight hairless pussy...

  • Smooth little pussy is better...

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