I want to be a cuckold for my wife to show I love her

I've been trying for years to get my wife to cuckold me or at least her be a hotwife and fuck other men. There's nothing more sexy than a confident woman who will openly fuck anybody she wants whenever she wants. I think a wife or girlfriend should be able to fuck anybody they want and the husband or boyfriend should support her sexual desire to do so. I would love for her to come home with a pussy full of cum and for her to give me the privilege of cleaning her well fucked pussy for her. Or if she gives me permission to allow me to watch her fuck other men and clean her pussy when she's finished with him. I would do anything for her. I would happily pay for her dates knowing she's getting some dick that night and hopefully let's me clean her when she gets home that night or whenever she wants to come home. Women should be able to get all the dick their pussy desires and the man should 100% support her needs. She doesn't even have to have sex with me. All I'd want is the privelege of eating her well fucked pussy, that alone would make me cum and a very happy man. I think she's been with other men before in the past but she won't admit it. I wish she would so we could take our love for each other to the next level by letting her get all the dick she desires. It's a win/win situation. All I want is for her to be happy and fuck anybody she wants whenever she wants and share her sexual experiences with other men to me while I eat her pussy. Is that to much to ask? Please help me become a cuckold. I want to be completely dominated by her. If she won't cuckold me should I find a woman who will fuck other men for me? I love a women and think they should get whatever they want. Someone please help me! I want to know she's completely satisfied in all areas of life, especially sexually. The best thing in the world is to know you have a wife who loves you enough to fuck other men and loves cuckolding me! I wish she would just give in and fuck other men. I masturbate every day to eating her beautifully well fucked pussy! My biggest goal in life is trying to get her to fuck other men, why won't she give me the privilege of being a cuckold?


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  • Yeh, I laugh. do you think marrying into uk royalty that being a princess is all about looking great and real love? cuz most of them are used around like whores for diplomatic issues and like carbon trading deals. if you really think they don't have to be laid to get some pay then think again.

  • I would do anything for love
    Yes, I would do anything for love!
    I would do anything for love...

    But I won't do that.

  • Why is this cuck shit so popular??? Have mens self esteem plummeted to completely nothing? Who the fuck wants to see their wife get boned by another man and then have to lick up the man's jizz? GTFO with this quasi gay bullshit

  • Does it need a reason?

    Some guys get off on a woman's shows and/or feet.
    Some guys get off on spanking and/or being spanked [girls also].
    Some guys get off on verbal humiliation [again, girls also].
    Heck -- some guys might get off seeing a spider eat a fly.

    And some guys get off on being cuckolded. Many cuckolds and/or a cuckold wanna-be become extremely aroused by the idea/possibility and/or fact of being cuckolded. If a guy desires this, if he wants to work with a stud and his wife to make this happen, why complain?

    Does 'why' really matter?

    Remember that some guys can deal this not because they are such wimps, but because they are very confident in their relationship. And don't suppose that all men do 'clean-up.' There's no 'one size fits all [if you take my meaning].'

  • Don't forget all the fun to be had being dick caged and denied of orgasms.
    Bunch of freaks.

  • My husband told me he was sexually molested when he was a young teen by one of his mums lovers.Also from a young age he had to listen to his mum have sex with different men every week.Because of all that he could've ended up gay but isn't,he just wanted me to cuckold him.

  • You could ask questions about alot of stuff like,why are people gay,why are people trans,why do people want sex changes?As long as its their choice and its not hurting anyone else why is it your problem to question?

  • All that sounds too much of a fetish.Luckily for me and my wife we were in our mid 20's,couple years married and we moved next to a single guy,early 40's,total womanizer.We regularly heard the sounds of sex coming through the walls,women moaning,bed bashing against the wall of our bedroom.At bedtime we were always up listening and it definitely turned her on as we'd usually end up having sex.One time she was curious as to whether it was because he had a big dick or was just really good at sex that made the women moan.I was curious to hear what her moans sounded like.Anyway we had a short separation and she ended up fucking him.I went home to hear her having sex with him next door,knew it was her as could hear her talking quite clearly and then her laugh.Soon I realized they were fucking and heard her sweet sex moans.I sat next to the wall and had an amazing wank to the sounds of my wife getting her pussy well and truly pounded.After I came I listened until I heard her beautiful orgasm.

  • Http://cuckoldrixawakenning.blogspot.com/2015/06/noises-from-apartment-next-door.html

  • That's pretty hot.I can relate.

  • I bet that was so damn sexy! Beg her to eat her pussy when she's finished with him fucking her. Eat her pussy clean if she allows you to

  • It was the sexiest thing ever only topped by fucking her afterwards.I did eat her out once but only because I wasn't sure she had been fucking him and I was met with the taste of pussy orgasm juice and cum,can safely say wasn't my thing.But sticking my dick in her freshly spunked and fucked pussy was.

  • You really need to have her place you in a chastity cock cage and she holds the keys that would be so fantastic for both of you.
    My wife holds my keys fortunately I have a good plastic cage with internal lock that is suitable for long term wear and very comfortable my wife cuffs me behind/releases every Sunday washes and shaves me then teases till precum but does not let me orgasm then I am locked, she decides when I orgasm currently I have been locked without for five weeks but I have to satisfy her with finger, tongue and toys whenever she wants.
    She has a young stud that comes to our house whenever she feels like sex and while they are fucking I wash and polish his car plus do any of his ironing and polish his leather shoes along with most house hold chores, whenever she wants him to sleep over I sleep on the lounge.

  • Your a lucky man. Do you at least get to eat her pussy after she gets fucked? We both know it's a real privelege to clean her pussy for her.

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