I am a cuck

My wife and I have been married 20 years. I thought we had a good sex life. I work all night usually. About a couple weeks ago, she woke me up with a blowjob. I said, "Hey there. Is this just an appetizer?" She said, "Nope. Figured I'd send you to work with empty balls." I said, "What about you though?" She said, "I'll masturbate after you leave. It's cool."

So, this past weekend we were watching tv and she says, "Honey, do you know what a cuckold is?" Now, I knew but played dumb. I said, "No babe. What is it?" She said, "A husband that gets off on watching his wife being fucked by other men." I said, "Interesting." She said, "Sound like something you'd be into?" I said, "I dunno. I guess I'd have to see it. Are you wanting to make me a cuckold?" She said, "Yes. Very much so. I think it would be hot." I said, "What part?" She said, "All of it. Me being fucked by a hot guy with a big dick. You sitting in the chair jacking off to me having sex with another man." I said, "Well, you'd have to find another guy first." She said, "Easy. Michael from work." I said, "He's pretty good looking but what about how long he is?" She said, "I already know." I said, "He tell you? Cause guys tend to exaggerate." She chuckled and said, "No. I know because I've had sex with him." I said, "I didn't know you've known him that long." She said, "Well, I've known him a year. We had sex last week." I said, "You cheated on me?" She said, "Yes sir I did. I had to see if he was any good before inviting you to bed with us." I said, "And is he?" She said, "Oh lord, yes."

I admit I was so hard just thinking about her fucking Michael. I said, "So, when do you wanna do this?" She said, "This weekend."

So just last night it happened. She was wild in bed with him. She had 3 orgasms with him. Didn't even need her vibrator. After he had cum inside her, he stood up to clean himself up. He said, "I gotta go babe. Gotta get up early tomorrow." He leaned in and they french kissed for several minutes. Then she said, "Thanks for cumming over." He said, "Same time next week?" She said, "Unless you want to do it sooner." He left. She layed there naked with his cum oozing out of her pussy and said, "Well, get over here big boy. I'm all lubed up for you."

3 months ago

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    • This is faker than your old ladies dried up silicone tits

    • Ive been cheating on my wife with my daughter's trans friend for about a year. I pounder her ass for her 16th birthday and we've been meeting up regularly. Her mom is the one I really want though. Few years older than me, tall blonde and skinny with nice tits and a round ass. Her husband is such a beta. The thought of cumming in her while making him watch make me rock hard. I hope one day I get a chance with her.

    • See ours at :

    • Leave your man card to the other guy... wife has no respect for you whatsoever...omg..

    • Fucking fag!

    • Fucking illiterate idiot!

    • I would have ate her pussy before I fucked her.

    • It's a biiiiiiiig step from watching your wife fuck another man to eating her creampie! I can't imagine that happening the very first time. Doubly so when it happened right after a cheating confession.
      I fucking love seeing my wife spread her legs for another man, and every time I've watched a guy unload inside her I've thought about eating her before fucking her. But as much as I craved it, it took a few years before I worked up the nerve and the horniness to do it, and even now that only happens every now and then.
      It takes a lot to watch the woman you love give herself to another man, knowing that she wants his cock inside her so badly that she's willing to break your marriage vows right in front of you. It takes so much more to eat the cum of the man who just used your wife like a fuck toy in your own bed, and to do it with him right there watching. It's hot. It's hot like nothing you've ever imagined. But it's not for the faint of heart and it's definitely not for newbies.
      You don't have to check all the cuckold boxes on the first go. Savor each step of the journey. You'll make horny memories to last a lifetime.

    • That’s what he should have done

    • Don't you worry . . . . he's gonna have PUH-LENTY of opportunities to eat other men's cum out of that bitch's nasty pussy in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. She sounds like pure white trash. And she will only get worse and worse, as she gets more and more big dicks in her. And when the blacks start to swarm her, his marriage will essentially be over. She'll have multiple queen of spades tattoos and she'll be holding breeding parties every week.

    • Clearly everything you "know" about cuckolding you learned from porn. Bunch of fucking incels stroking it in their parents' basements and thinking they have anything even vaguely resembling a clue. Judgmental pricks.

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