Trying the dark side

Few months ago I was tired of being single I asked my friend for help. She said OK I can help but there is one thing I said OK what is that. Most of my friends or boyfriends are black. She knew I only ever dated white guys. Plus knows my family is not high on non white people. But I told her I'd give it a try. So one night went out and she had a black friend over and we talked for awhile. Exchanged numbers and met up places. He was an amazing guy. Six pack abs and played football and basketball.
We kissed several times and made out. We eventually made it official and started dating. But I kept it from my parents.
One night we decided to get dirty together and have our first sexual encounter. He was so driven, aggressive, strong, motivated, lots of stamina, dominate and controlling and knew what he wanted.
9 inch cock, big balls, and he fucked me with no mercy. We did lots of positions, I orgasm several times. He never got limp. Talked dirty a lot. I loved looking at him when he be fucking me. He would have this angry look on his face as he was fucking me. He was fucking me doggy position. And was really going to town on me. Pulling my hair as he is ramming me and talking dirty saying take all this black dick. Then he said I'm ready to cum. I tell him yes please cum. He pumps faster tells me I'm gonna drop my load on this white pussy. He grunts very loud and cums inside me. It was totally amazing. I'm still with him today


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  • Is it a relationship or is he going to introduce you to his friends. They do fuck white women like they own them,makes them come back for more. Sounds hot, there are men who like being married to women that slide to the dark side.

  • Six pack abs, plays sports, and is a nice, strong fuck?

    I would stay with him, too.

  • Why would you stay with him?

  • Once you go black, we don't want you back. You're a coal burning whore.

  • Jealousy is a mutha! 😂

  • What’s the point of a comment like this??

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