Night Shift

When I was at university, I had taken a job working evenings in a bar to earn a bit of extra money. I was the only girl working there and my boss liked me to dress sexily as he said it went down well with the customers. I didn’t really mind as it got me a lot of free drinks and tips, but the guys that I worked with just couldn’t keep their hands to their selves and I was groped mercilessly most evenings. This particular night they had been much worse than normal and they had their hands inside my top at every opportunity. I have to admit that I haven’t tried to stop them as it is sometimes quite a turn on to be the centre of attention. My boss sees this happening every night but doesn’t usually join in, but this night felt different, it felt like everyone was somehow more sexually charged and going much further than normal.
At the end of the night we had locked up after the last customer and started to clear away the empty glasses when my boss asked me to go upstairs to the flat with him, I felt a little nervous, but followed him upstairs. When we went inside all the guys were already there waiting.
As soon as the door closed the guys launched at me grabbing at my clothes; buttons spraying everywhere as they ripped my top off. I felt their hands throw me to the bed ripping at my tights - the last barrier of clothing protecting me from the impending onslaught.
It felt like I was lost in a dream I’ve had a thousand times but only today it’s real. The men are real and the cocks are real and I am naked and surrounded.
I gasp as I feel the first finger bury deep inside me and I cum before their cocks are even out of their pants.
My boss Ian is the first to get naked - his cock is huge.
‘Come on guys we are going to fuck her!’ He grabs my head and pulls it onto his cock – ‘Come on suck it!’
There is no chance of doing anything else! His big cock is already in my mouth and he is pulling my head to control the sucking motion. His forcefulness lights a bigger fire and sends me on another more intense pleasure ride.
I feel a hand grab my breast and a pull on my nipple as another guy joins in. Ian pulls my mouth off him and the new boy shoves his cock in the empty hole. My cunt is now being invaded by two separate sets of fingers, one rubbing my clit and the other working deep, deep inside me.
I feel a warm mouth start to suck on my tit - my nipple is standing to attention like a good girl as I buck in the air cumming wildly.

The fingers inside me work harder spreading me wider and wider as they try to penetrate me with three fingers each. My stretched cunt was on fire and taking it well.
I feel their fingers pull out of me as my boss now takes my head back filling my mouth with his hard long cock once again.

‘I’m going to fuck your ass with this, so take good care of it.’ he says.

He moves away to let someone else in. A well-built black guy steps up. It was Simon, I was always impressed by his muscular body and didn’t hesitate to open my mouth wide as he takes hold of his cock and rubs it all over my face. It is so long and beautiful.
I have never been with a black guy – it’s just never happened – and now one is rubbing himself all over me getting harder and harder as he goes.
Then I feel his cock enter my cunt as both my legs are being held wide by two guys, this alone sends me over the edge into another mind blowing orgasm. I scream as the big dick fucks me good and hard.
I could feel hands roaming around my crotch as fingers poked in my ass and cunt at the same time. They were using me like a bowling ball with a thumb firmly in my ass and fingers working in my pussy. Two different strong hands finger fuck me until I cum once again.
I glance over at my boss Ian as my eyes roll back into my head. He is laid on the bed cock still hard and waiting as I climb on, sliding my cunt lips slowly down on to it and starting to ride him.

With legs trembling and unable to hold myself up anymore, two of the guys grab me and hold me firm, pushing me down on his cock. One starts spanking both of my ass cheeks sending more waves into an already overdosed pleasure system and pushing me into a new unexplored area.

Playing with toys doesn’t even start to compare to this. These boys know exactly what they are doing.
Over and over they take turns and my mouth cunt and ass are all well worked and totally used until I can’t cum any more. Hours pass - not that I know - I am lost in the pleasure unbridled and unmatched by any feeling I had ever had before.

I lay on the bed playing with my totally fucked cunt, my clit still giving out a resemblance of pleasure from the over use it has received.
The guys surround me. My ass has never been used so much and it feels open I love it. My mouth is sore and my pussy is red and stretched. I could burst with happiness.
One by one the guys all start to play pulling their cocks faster and faster as I play with my lose well-fucked cunt, waiting for the next hot load to splash onto my skin.

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  • So fucking hot I wish I was your boss you should give me some pics

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