Cuckold busted!

We have always been a very open family and encouraged our kids to have open discussions with each other and with us. My wife and I were in a cuckold relationship prior to having kids so they grew up knowing their mom was going out with "friends" while dad stayed home with them. As our kids got older (teens) they realized their mom was actually going out on dates with other guys. Since they grew up with it and were able to see that we had a great relationship (unlike many of their friends' parents) they accepted and seemed fine with our arrangement. During a recent Holiday get-together our son took his kids to see lights and decorations but the rest of us stayed home to visit. My wife, our daughter (divorced), and our daughter-in-law were having a few drinks and of course the conversation turned to sex and then cock size. My wife gets happy, horny, and talkative when she drinks so this conversation seemed to get her excited. Our daughter-in-law said that she had only been with our son and was happy with him. Our daughter talked about her ex-husband and some of the guys she had been with and did some comparisons of size and talent. By the time the conversation got to my wife, she was pretty well lit up and having a blast. Without getting into a lot of detail she said that although she enjoyed sex with me that guys with small cocks like mine didn't really do it for her (she actually said that!). She then commented that guys who had very large cocks were fun but usually unskilled and she often hurt during sex with them and sometimes for a few days afterwards. She was so into the conversation that she went on to say that guys who had 7" to 9" were her favorites. I was in shock that she was saying these things and was unable to speak! Our daughter was laughing uncontrollably and our daughter-in-law looked at my wife and said that she thought my wife was a virgin when we got married. Without skipping a beat, my wife said that yes, she was. Then she looked at me and simply said oops and laughed her ass off!


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  • Is there a word for a woman who's a cuckold?Because I think I am one.

  • Yes. Cuckquean.

  • Is it really?I'm a cuckqueen then.HaHa.

  • Well Cuckqueen prove it by having your cunt lips pierced in two places either side so you can be padlocked and only penetrated when he feels like it

  • Omg.Thats a bit extreme.I don't have to do that.I'm happy to sit and play with myself and watch while he fucks another woman.Huge turn on.

  • Yes. It is. If you're still around, can you go into some detail why this is, and what exactly you like about it?

  • You need to be locked in a chastity cage to be a real cuckold

  • Be proud your wife gives you the privilege of being her cuckold. Not all men are as lucky as you. If she embarrassed you a little it's not a big deal. Remember women run the relationship and can fuck and do what they want whenever they want. Be a good husband and clean her pussy for her and keep your mouth closed no matter what she says or does. Being a cuckold is a privelege given by only the best of women. Remember that and be happy!

  • ^^^^^^^^^^ what a load of shit

  • I drunkenly told my wife that I'd love to watch her take a giant cock.

  • Hope she wants to make you her cuckold. Good luck with you being able to see her pussy get fucked by other men! It's a privelege to have a wife who fucks other men in front of you!

  • I think I would be able to go thru with it just as long as she was 100% and was really enjoying it.I very much get off on watching her simply use a toy on herself,laying side by side,I can't help imagining its another cock pounding her.

  • Hi Luvtocuckold sweetie, could you please answer a few question's for me :-
    Are you locked in a cock cage, if so what type ?
    If you are locked how often are you permitted to orgasm ?
    Do your wife's boyfriends also have use of your mouth and anus ?
    Do you cross dress or are you a Sissy ?

  • What was her response?

  • At first it was a weird look of "wtf",then questioning as to why would I want another man inside her?So I said just to ease my curiosity and see how she reacts to a really huge cock.She responded saying it would most definitely hurt.I explained to her that I would love to watch her squirm as a 10 incher was slowly forced into her,stretching her and would love to hear her borderline painful moans,slowly turn into pleasurable moans as she got wetter and eventually accommodated the whole 10 inches.She was actually turned on by that.We had some good sex.I couldn't get the images out of my head.

  • During the years, my wife has had experiences with guys who had 10+ inches and said it was actually painful when they pounded really hard. She prefers thicker to longer with 7" to 9" working best for her.

  • Well in the past she's hinted at an ex of hers being quite big but that was when they were younger and he didn't quite know how to use it so it hurt.So I believe her when she says she likes my short and thick one.

  • My husband is a average 5 or 6 inches but he eats pussy like a champion so that for me counts as 1 or 2 extra inches. So get with the program put a few extra miles down below you will be a winner every time

  • Well did an orgy break out?

  • Well, I would love to have fun with my daughter-in-law but not into the father-daughter thing.

  • Well then go for it.

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