Gay truckers

I'm not gay, but a few months ago, I was unemployed and broke and needed money to pay the rent. A gay guy I know once told me that when he was broke and needed some fast cash, that he would go to truck stops and fuck gay truckers for money. So, I went down to the local truck stop on the interstate and went inside to the diner. I was dressed up as gay as I could look, and immediately had several truckers checking me out. Within a few minutes,, I had a trucker inviting me to go out to his rig. He agreed to pay me $60 to do oral on each other and to let him fuck me in the ass. I met him at his truck five minutes later, and we crawled into his sleeper. I told him I needed the money up front, so he handed me the cash, then I told him to get naked. He started undressing, and as soon as he pulled his pants down around his ankles, I jumped out and ran like hell.
I went back to the truck stop two hours later, and his truck was gone, so I went back inside, and did the same thing to a different trucker. I never would have guessed that there are so many gay truckers out there. I wound up making enough money over the next two weeks, doing this at two different truck stops, to pay my rent for two months. Eventually word got around about what I was doing, and two truckers tried to kick my ass, but fortunately they were gay, and had little chance of succeeding.

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  • FAKE

  • Dude, when your customers finally catch you, your ass is going to take some serious meat pipe. Prepare for your ass to turn purple.

  • Yeah, that's why I only did it for a couple of weeks. Word got around that someone was ripping off gay truckers, I heard that the gay prostitutes lost a lot of business because of me, but it's funny shit anyway. If a guy wanted to travel across the country, he could make good money doing this, but it is dangerous.

  • Bullshit story, if true you would be dead

  • WHAT?

    I am not sure what world you are living in, but you seem really confused about what "gay" means.

  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure gay means homosexual, and I've yet to see a homosexual that could kick a straight mans ass.

  • There are homosexual Olympic gold medalists, idiot. Strength has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

  • So, you are saying that a homosexual could kick a straight mans ass? I've yet to meet one that could, kick mine, but then again, I'm not a liberal....

  • You just have no gaydar.

  • Why would a gay man kick an ass when he could shove his cock in it instead

  • That's the problem, when they want to stick it in your ass, and pay you to stick it in, and you don't let them, they get kinda bent and flail around crying like limp wristed sissys. Really kind of sad but funny at the same time.

  • I find it hard to accept that as a realistic way that a TRUCKER would behave. Stop huffing gasoline at the truck stop.

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