Nearly walked in on me.

With some of my wife’s hand cream as lube, I enjoyed my alone time after replacing a leaking pipe in the bathroom cabinet. After edging for some time, my wife’s car unexpectedly stopped at the front door.
Getting my PT shorts on in a hurry, and being near a climax, the sudden fast movement made me cum. I could not hide the wet spot or my erection inside the shorts, so I pretended to work inside the cabinet as my wife came in. Luckily she left me to carry on with my "work".
I squirted everything inside my shorts and could see it dripping on the floor.
A shower afterwards helped to clean up and wear clean shorts.
I still love my alone time.

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  • Why do you need to hide this from your wife? Mine would want to help me out, probably hiking up her shirt and telling me to shoot it all over her.

  • She is totally against it, and not very easy to change.
    You are a lucky man.

  • Oh I understand my ex would not fuck and lost her mind if I masturbated. And she wonders why she is now an ex wife

  • Fag

  • Fag refers to homosexuals, no anal anywhere in this post.

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